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Whew, been a while since I've had a a chance to get online. I did, however, make 3 journal entries which I backdated. If you care, you can check them out on my journal.

I've been up since about noon yesterday afternoon and suprisingly, I feel awright. I'm gonna try and stay up a while longer before crashing since I have to work in the morning. If i go to sleep now, I just won't be able to sleep later tonight when I should be.

If you are ever in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend checking out the radio station located at 91.7FM, WVXU. From 11am-Noon, Monday-Friday they boradcast programs from radio's "golden age": Bob and Ray, Burns and Allen, Jack Benny... I seem to end up in Cincinnati quite a bit on Tuesday mornings and love listening to the old Jack Benny programs they air. Although a lot of the humor is lost due to cultural references that have no meaning these days (popular songs/actors of the day who have long been forgotten), there is still ample evidence of the great comic writing that went into these programs. Take for example this beautifully crafted joke: it has the great setup, leading to two punchlines, the first of which you see coming from a mile away, but the other catches you by surprise.

(Dennis) I used to play an instrument. But my mom got mad at my dad and threw it at him and smashed it aginast a wall.
(Mary) Oh that's too bad, Dennis. What instrument was it?
(Dennis) The piano.
(Mary) Oh my, was anyone hurt?
(Dennis) Only me, I was still sitting on the stool.


Journal quote of the week:

Got hand it to huskerdude1 again: Now I'm busy searching the internet for pictures of those USA For Africa/Sally Struthers Ethiopian kids to send to the "Everybody Should Eat" people. Photoshop in some lip piercings and nobody will be able to tell they're actually long-dead casualties rather than modern victims of poverty. Why I'm not in advertising continues to mystify me, much like the clitoris.

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