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here's no way I can keep-up with reviewing everything I watch though I'll likely still do them from time to time. Here's a quick and dirty list of everything I've watched in the past couple of weeks. Feel free to chime in if ya like.

Red Eye
Wes Craven makes an honest-to-god thriller. Not bad.
The Wedding Crashers
Vince Vaughn is manic, Owen Wilson is an aw-shucks good guy. Was this supposed to be a comedy?
Million Dollar Baby
Two aging actors with limited acting range and a hot chick with an unconvincing southern accent in a depressing movie.
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Zoolander on steroids.
The Ring Two
Not as scary as the first, which isn't saying much
Laurel and Hardy's last film. Uncharacteristic depth. Not bad.
Flying Deuces
One of Laurel and Hardy's more famous films. Stanley at the wash basin is priceless.
The Wizard of Oz
Silent era version that's tedious yet interesting given its famous remake. Features a very young Oliver Hardy as the Tin Man.
The Naked Gun 331/3
You know the drill. Leslie Nielson owns me.
Black Brigade
Richard Pryor and Billy Dee Williams in a 70's blaxploitation movie set during World War II.
Must Love Dogs
Diane Lane's class and John Cusack's cool can't save this maudlin romantic comedy.
Jamie Fox is boring but Tom Cruise's character is interesting. Michael Mann's stylish direction is superb and the nighttime high-def digital cinematography is awesome.
National Treasure
Typical Bruckheimer action flick with typical Nicholas Cage performance.
The People Vs. Larry Flint
Courtney Love's BOOBS. I imagine her portrayal as Flint's addict wife wasn't too much of a stretch.
Roger Corman repackages an early Jack Nicholson movie called The Wild Ride as one big flashback sequence in a modern setting. Nicholson's beatnik lingo is hep, daddy-o.
Mercury Rising
Alec Baldwin wants a retarded kid dead and only Bruce Willis can save him.
Runaway Jury
With Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack, AND the yummy Rachel Weisz, the weak source material (a John Grisham book) is somewhat salvaged.
Beautiful people (Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts) in depraved circumstances are mean and nasty to each other and you could care less.
8 Mile
Eminem gives a respectable performance. I was mildly impressed.
Kate Beckinsale is one sexy, badass vampire. Goth Matrix!


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I *liked* Million Dollar Baby. Then again, I had to ease the depression of watching it with about 3987323 funny movies and cartoons before I felt better.

So, which of these am I allowed to borrow and which are Netflix'ed? :^P And which ones would I not hate? I might like Underworld but haven't seen the Matrix yet. I was holding out until you visit again, even though you have yet to watch Neverending Story with me. (which you might possibly hate but at least you'll understand my weird and frequent references to it)

I can see soopageeks point in calling it limited acting range. Eastwood isn't exactly known for his sensetive charactar portrayals, but I liked it too. I seem to be the only one the wasn't very depressed by this movie. It just says tm me that shit happens and not everything is going to have a roses and sunshine ending.

he fact that it was depressing doesn't bother me. I didn't necessarily think it was a bad film, I just didn't think it was as good as all the hype led me to believe.

Am I crazy for agreeing that Eastwood isn't much of a
dramatic actor, but a hell of a director?


Flying Deuces
Wizard of Oz
Mercury Rising
Runaway Jury
Naked Gun
Black Brigade

Everything else was Netflix'd or borrowed.

You'd probably like Mercury Rising since you like retard movies.

Shweet. And I'm flattered that you remembered my love of retarded movies.

I was pleasantly surprised at Eminem's acting abilities in 8 Mile, which I enjoyed. On the other hand, Courtney Love's boobs weren't much of a stretch for me, either.

have this love/hate thing with Courtney Love. On the one hand, I think she's immensely talented but is a fantastically fucked-up person. I adore Hole's second record to death and she's done some credible ;eading-actress work in both this film and Man On The Moon.

But yeah, she's fucked-up.

I think it must be a genre thing. I was indifferent about her (their) talent until "Malibu" started getting FM airplay, and to me that song was one of the most pointless, lacking-in-any-spirit musical exercises in every way from the 90s. Horrid.

hat album (Celebrity Skin) was definitely problematic. But the stuff on Live Through This.... wow.

"I fake it so real I am beyond fake
I want to be the girl with the most cake
Some day you will ache like I ache"

I really enjoy Closer. Mostly Clive Owen. It's one of the three good Natalie Portman movies. The other recent flick being Garden State. The third is that movie she did when she was, what, 8? 13?

Underworld is just pretty. Very very pretty.

On other news, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang will be on video soon. A must see!

lovelovelove Robert Downey, Jr.

Just out of curiousity, have you seen "Home for the

There is nothing better than seeing Robert Downey Jr. playing
a gay man.

But, I also liked him in "Soapdish".

Shows my taste.

He's wonderful in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! But Val Kilmer as a gay detective stole the show for me. The banter between the two is priceless.

the professional. one of my all time favorites.

h was she the little girl in that? It's been so long since I've seen that movie. Learn something new every day.

s I mentioned to Amy, Clive Owen was the only part of Closer that I did enjoy.

Underworld was very very pretty. I especially liked the main hall of the manor with all the aristocratic vampires lounging around.

I didn't really understand Closer. You're right. It was definetly a who cares sort of movie, and only further proves my ongoing theory that Jude Law is, in fact, the World's Biggest Pussy. And the The Ring Two... I'll never get that hour and a half back. It's only redeeming quality was creepy Samara crawling up the well walls towards the end, and I only appreciated that because the rest of the movie blew. I liked Red Eye, but then again I'd like to get held hostage in a bathroom by Cilian Murphy.

think I'm with you there on Jude Law. Did you see The Ring Two in the theatre or on DVD? There was actually a pretty nifty short-film that was sort of a pre-quel to the feature.

I wouldn't mind holding Rachel McAdams hostage in a bahtroom either.

Did you see this? I half expected to hear from you on it, so I'm assuming you missed it.

I did, and funny you should mention it, I started to write a reply (while at work) and then, well, something happened and I actually had to do work. I was in a zone, typing away about incest laden undertones and that horrible martyr mother, but now I lost all my steam. Boo.

By the way, you really should check out the documentary Dial H for Hitchcock (which I believe I've mentioned before). I think you'll appreciate it, and definetly gain some insight about him as well as his films.

felt those incest undertones, too, but I can't decide if it's intentionally there or if it's something I bring to the viewing experience being part of the more distrustful and cynical world of the 21st century. I wonder if movie goers of the 1940's felt those same undertones or didn't think anything of the way the Charlies looked at each other, touched each other, and interacted.

Thanks for the tip on the documentary. I'll be sure to check it out.

closer sucked. one of my most hated movies. and i was so disappointed because usually i like LOOKING at natalie portman and clive owen enough to make anything worth it.
in this movie...not so.

o his credit, Clive Owen's character was the only thing about the movie that was engrossing.

there are no words to express my hate for Must Love Dogs. at first they completely piss you the fuck off with introducing you to the pantywaist that is Lane's family. you just wanted to shoot all of them point blank when they attacked their poor sister/daughter for being single for a whopping 6 months. diane and my imaginarybabydaddy John had jack shit for chemistry. and it was distracting as hell to watch match.com everywhere on her computer screen. like taco-bell-in-judge-dredd distracting. It was good to see my man age and get fat, though that weird plastic surgery he had done on his eyes was dissapointing. He is still the master of all things puppydogeyed. so human it's hot. but if each person who saw this movie could just prevent ONE more person from buying the DVD, we may just save the world some money. each one teach one.

t was a pretty awful movie. He may not be my imaginarybabydaddy, but I've been a long time fan of Cusack, which is what made me rent it. Of course, it's not like he hasn't been involved in some questionable things before (hello? America's Sweethearts?!?!).

Speaking of watching people get older, I never really had an opinion of Diane Lane with concern to attractiveness back in the day, but she has turned into one smokin' middle-aged lady.

I thought Diane Lane looked awful.

But, I prefer the more butch-looking woman.

I'm relieved to know that I wasn't the only one who thought
"Must Love Dogs" was TERRIBLE. Really awful.

And "Closer"? What the fuck? Another wasted hour and a half.

I actually liked the movie and could care less.

You probably mean that you couldn't care less.


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