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it's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how i keep from going under


2007 will be the first year that a rap group will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The rules of eligibility state that it must be at least 25 years since the the first recording of an artist before they can be inducted. This would mean that The Sugarhill Gang have been eligible since 2004.

The problem is The Sugarhill Gang were never very good, but they are destined to be honored by the Hall of Fame for their contribution of rap's first recording. Kurtis Blow was rap's first cross-over star, the first to chart a certified gold single. He was eligible in 2005, but I think the considerably weak entirety of his eponymous album has stalled his induction.

Which is why I think 2007 will be the first year to see rap artists inducted. 1982 was the year of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's debut LP The Message. My prediction is thus: The Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash will be inducted simultaneously as performers in 2007, with Sylvia Robinson (Sugarhill Records producer and co-founder) being inducted in the non-performing category. Kurtis Blow will be inducted the following year.

Thoughts? Rebuttals? Elaborations? Predictions?

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I would say "hotel, motel, holiday inn", but you might hit me.

Note the pic has (count them) 7 people. But the title only suggests there be 6..So who's the odd ball in the pic? Some random schmo off the street?

hile I can't be certain, or find corroborating online evidence to support it, I would guess that the 7th person is Duke Bootee, who wasn't a member of the Furious Five but was a Sugarhill Records session artist who actually wrote the album's title song.

I never knew until today that Duran Duran did a cover of White Lines. I don't know what to think, but there is something so wrong about that.

Tell all your friends they can go my way

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