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rocky mountain high

t's been a long, boring weekend. I made a delivery to Colorado Springs on Saturday morning, then my next load wasn't due to load until 2pm in Pueblo. When I got there this morning, they told me that the load wouldn't be ready until 2pm Monday. So basically, I've been sitting for the past 48 hours doing nothing.

he Welfy Relocation Initiative had an interesting turn of events today. One half of a duplex in Frankfort is becoming available in May. The other side of the duplex is home to goingincirclez and mix3d3m0ti0n5. I chatted with both of them for a while this afternoon and was treated to photos of the place. After some long conversing with welfy about it, we've decided that, if the landlord will agree to a short-term lease of no more than 6 months, we'll be all over it.

've always been a little amused that the word "retarded" has become a slur. I mean, I know why; but at the same time, it's still a perfectly legitimate catch-all phrase for describing a wealth of conditions resulting in diminished mental faculties. However, in the spirit of political correctness, it's not deemed an appropriate term for referring to the mentally handicapped due to its use as a taunt by those of us above the 60 IQ mark.

I can't help but wonder though.

If it's now considered a slur, is it reasonable to presume that someday the mentally challenged will someday refer to each other much in the same way that homosexuals and various ethnic groups took power over their slurs? Will there be short-bus kids calling each other 'tard as a linguistic show of solidarity? Will there be throngs at rallies with posters which exclaim "We won't be departed/We're here and retarded!"?

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Man that last bit really makes me think that you have been sitting too long for the next load...

Good to see everything is on track with the move though, I'm sure that'll give you enought to think about while waiting.

I've already decided that I'd like to fill the second bedroom (if there is one) with packing peanuts, so I can swim in them.

"If it's now considered a slur, is it reasonable to presume that someday the mentally challenged will someday refer to each other much in the same way that homosexuals and various ethnic groups took power over their slurs?"

I doubt it. I don't think they'd be smart enough to do that.

That's what I was thinking, too. I mean, maybe some of the more intelligent ones do form some kind of groups with some help, like people who live together in homes maybe.

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s an Owner/Operator, I don't think so. Company drivers do have layover pay as I recall, but it never applied to me before because of the dedicated account I was on.

Damn... I just looked at those pictures again - our place looks almost nothing like that anymore! It's full of CRAP!

As for the word "retarded"... didn't you know? Petarded is new, improved retarded!

I am so happy that I am potentially moving next door to a fellow Family Guy fan. :^) That episode cracked me up so bad.

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hat's the thing that irks me about well-meaning political-correctness nazis and sort of what I was poking fun at with my musings. Words only have as much power as the spirit in which it is used. Referring to your child as disabled or as gimpy isn't going to change the nature of his condition nor is it a reflection of how you feel about child. They're just words.

While I'm blatantly showing how much I do not make the rounds of my friend's journals by asking, as you've probably made mention of it before: what is your child's disability?

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Somehow, I don't see the under-60 IQ crowd staging rallies and making signs.

i imagine the people we are bothered by the word "retard" are most likely not the retarded, but the people who are close to them and feel protective.

i just think the word "retard" is classless.

don't typically use "RE-tard" accept in very, very familiar situations, and even then, it's rare.

More typical for me are phrases like, "That's retarded!" or "Stop acting retarded!".

Man, you have to tell me what "short bus" means. John's alluded to this as being my primary mode of transport before, and I never caught what it meant.

nother classic example of Yankee linguistic ingenuity. The short bus is actually a conversion van set on a straight-truck frame with a dual axle. School systems began using them in the 1980's to cut maintenance and fuel costs in situations where there were long-distances to be traveled but not a lot of passengers. It is used for other things, but its primary use usually is for the collection of kids with special needs: hearing impaired, learning disabled, mentally retarded, etc. They're often segregated from the average children and placed in programs equipped to handle their disabilities. In any given school district, there aren't that many but they might be spread all over a county or city. In this respect, the short bus was ideal.

Over time, riding the short bus became synonymous with "retarded". It's actually an interesting aspect of American slang; with the exception of the sterile, clinical, politically correct terms to describe the mentally disable on our country, all of the other more colorful ones eventually become a taunt. "Short bus", "Wearing your helmet", "special", "retard/tard/retarded", "Jerry's kids", etc. We do the same thing with mental illness, too.

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I love Wallace Stevens...

The first thought that went through my mind when I saw your icon was, "The only retard is the retard of ice-cream."

Call the roller of big wheels,
the drool-ie one, and bid him whip
in circles his hair of curls.
...I lose my creativity after that.

i live in pueblo! lol...

damn, if i had known i would've met you for lunch or something. what did you do to pass the time? there isn't much to do here except drink or eat. wait, let me guess. the riverwalk? :-)

do you pass through much? if so, let me know next time. there are some killer hole in the wall places that make *awesome* italian or mexican food.

sat at the truckstop in Pinon (ex 110) all weekend and goofed-off online.

I'll keep it in mind if I ever get stuck down there again. Colorado is notorious for not having a wealth of outbound freight, and drivers get stuck there rather frequently after taking freight in.


Maybe you're unaware that it's not the same city as Lexington.

What's wrong with Frankfort?

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