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t's been a long, boring weekend. I made a delivery to Colorado Springs on Saturday morning, then my next load wasn't due to load until 2pm in Pueblo. When I got there this morning, they told me that the load wouldn't be ready until 2pm Monday. So basically, I've been sitting for the past 48 hours doing nothing.

he Welfy Relocation Initiative had an interesting turn of events today. One half of a duplex in Frankfort is becoming available in May. The other side of the duplex is home to goingincirclez and mix3d3m0ti0n5. I chatted with both of them for a while this afternoon and was treated to photos of the place. After some long conversing with welfy about it, we've decided that, if the landlord will agree to a short-term lease of no more than 6 months, we'll be all over it.

've always been a little amused that the word "retarded" has become a slur. I mean, I know why; but at the same time, it's still a perfectly legitimate catch-all phrase for describing a wealth of conditions resulting in diminished mental faculties. However, in the spirit of political correctness, it's not deemed an appropriate term for referring to the mentally handicapped due to its use as a taunt by those of us above the 60 IQ mark.

I can't help but wonder though.

If it's now considered a slur, is it reasonable to presume that someday the mentally challenged will someday refer to each other much in the same way that homosexuals and various ethnic groups took power over their slurs? Will there be short-bus kids calling each other 'tard as a linguistic show of solidarity? Will there be throngs at rallies with posters which exclaim "We won't be departed/We're here and retarded!"?
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