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...100 bottles of beer...

oday, Joe and I pickued up a trailer full of beer at the terminal in Atlanta to bring to Asheville. 44,000 pounds of beer. We got off the interstate in Asheville to commence with finding the warehouse. The off ramp was a really steep incline with a traffic light at the end, which Joe had to stop for. When the light turned green, he released the clutch and gave it considerable fuel since we were so heavy and sitting on a hill.

The problem is he had put the truck in reverse by mistake.

When he realized that OMG I'M IN EFFIN REVERSE he slammed on the brakes, nearly tossing me out of the bunk. There was a loud, thud behind us. I almost didn't want to get out of the truck and walk back there. But we did, to survey the damage. Fortunately, we didn't hit anything. The car which was behind us pulled around and we asked him if they were okay, which they were, as was their vehicle. Joe was happy that no one was hit or hurt, as was I, but I knew that thud came from something. Looking toward the rear of the trailer, I said to Joe, "We have a little problem."

Beer was dripping from the back of the trailer. The freight had slid when he slammed on the brakes, causing it to slam into the trailer doors. At least, this is what I'm assuming. The trailer is sealed and I'm not supposed to open it. I guess I'll get to see how badly damaged it is in the morning when we unload.

While it is no doubt Joe's fault that the cargo is damaged, it's also not entirely his fault. We picked this load up as part of a split; we didn't receive it at the shipper or had anything to do with the securement of it. It'll be interesting to see if it was secured at all. I know from beer loads I've loaded before that typically straps are placed in a crossed fashion. In addition to the broken beer bottles, I may discover some mangled straps as well.

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Oh Soop, why can't you guys accidentally wreck when you're carrying cherry Kool-Aid? And preferably when I'm around?

rankly, I'd rather not have the Great New Castle Cherry Kool-Aid Spill as part of my resume.

hehe, I take it that picture is not one of your actual load?!

hankfully no. I stumbled across while trying to find a picture of broken beer bottles to accompany my entry. I thought it was perfect. :)

I hated beer loads just because of that.. Always worried about smasing up the bottles :(

id you guys have an account with Bud, too. Or another bottler?

that photo is cheating. i had to read your entry five times to try and figure out how the bottles got onto the road.

ade you look!

Yeah, I know the picture is misleading. It wasn't really my intention, but when I saw it... well, I couldn't NOT use it.

by the way, very personal entry you made tonight, bub. you feel'n alright? I just got done reading it. thinking of a response.</i>

That is one of the saddest pictures ever.

If I liked beer it'd make me choke up.

Re: That is one of the saddest pictures ever.

hank God it wasn't whiskey.

Holy crap. Beer loads = teh suck. Betcha the guy tried to use bars instead of straps or something.

'll take that bet since since I've seen inside now. ;-)

The guy used a single strap with a diagonal placement, but there must've been some space between the strap and the freight. The pallet on the high side of the diagonal strap had a case break when it tried to go under the strap, bursting a couple of cans of Busch beer (at least it was no huge loss, heh). I guess this is why the Ft. Collins plant I've pulled out of requests the "X" style crossing of the straps. I'm guessing they've had this problem before.

that'll teach me to skim. i clicked on this to comment on the beer spill, and it wasn't until i read the other comments that i realized that wasn't you at all...

still...hope your trailer is not full of beers and stuff.

irty, filthy SKIMMER! I would never skim a LiveJournal. I hang on every word.

I was looking at the photo with this post thinking that was your beer.

O. M. G. !!!

I remember how nervous (or moreso cautious) Aaron was with that beer load he took to Buffalo when I went with him. I hope it all goes as well as it possibly can when you get to Asheville!

Dude... I was sitting here wondering "Just how much farking torque does a semi have to launch that much beer that far out of the back of a trailer!?". Then I read far enough to realize it wasn't yours. I CLAIM FALSE ADVERTISING AND DEMAND A PROPER WRECK!!! ;)

Actually, this is still funny as hell. I'm glad you guys have come out largely OK. I would have loved to see the look on the car driver's face when the reverse lights came on, though.

discovered this morning when I opened the trailer doors that it was strapped down and still intact, some of the cases/cans had burst from the force of the impact against the strap.

I had exepcted that the straps had broken and the freight had moved into the door causing the thud, but not at full force, having been thwarted by the straps before breaking.

I would guess though, that if the entire 44,000 pound of freight had slid freely into the doors, it would've easily blown them off the back and strewn all over the highway, much like in the photo above.

I doubt that's what happened in the above photo, though, judging from the roadway. More than likely, that was a rollover.

I was going to say "Oh the humanity!"

Then I read that it was Busch beer.

ff the subject but not really, what was the name of the furniture company you manage again?

God, that's such a completely beautiful picture. Can you recreate it for me, preferably during a prettier season?

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