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've been up all night and am preparing to go to bed very very shortly, but I thought I'd do a quick , random entry about stuff.

In the realm of LiveJournal geekery, the new navigation bar is niiiiiiice, especially with its quick access to custom friends groups and the recent comments tool. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's only visible on style pages (journals, f-lists) and disappears when you're viewing a standard LJ page, including journal entries which don't utilize a style when you click through to the comments. Hopefully they'll expand its functionality over time. It'd be kinda nice if it floated, too, rather than being static. It's a great idea, just not the greatest of implementations. If it were available on any page in LJ, I could get rid of 5 bookmarks on my Firefox bookmark toolbar for reading filters.

For those of you wondering what happened with the beer leakage: four cases were compromised when a pallet was forced into the load strap which was holding it in place. This caused a number of cans to be squooshed and they burst. All-in-all, the loss was minor. Joe and I are delivering this afternoon in Indiana, where we will also load and then head for Buffalo and Tonowanda, NY.

I've decided that with the current lack of interest and response to the icon contest that I may whore it out in the icon comms. I'll likely wait until tomorrow to decide.

Your mother.
Tags: livejournal, training

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