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random bits

've been up all night and am preparing to go to bed very very shortly, but I thought I'd do a quick , random entry about stuff.

In the realm of LiveJournal geekery, the new navigation bar is niiiiiiice, especially with its quick access to custom friends groups and the recent comments tool. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's only visible on style pages (journals, f-lists) and disappears when you're viewing a standard LJ page, including journal entries which don't utilize a style when you click through to the comments. Hopefully they'll expand its functionality over time. It'd be kinda nice if it floated, too, rather than being static. It's a great idea, just not the greatest of implementations. If it were available on any page in LJ, I could get rid of 5 bookmarks on my Firefox bookmark toolbar for reading filters.

For those of you wondering what happened with the beer leakage: four cases were compromised when a pallet was forced into the load strap which was holding it in place. This caused a number of cans to be squooshed and they burst. All-in-all, the loss was minor. Joe and I are delivering this afternoon in Indiana, where we will also load and then head for Buffalo and Tonowanda, NY.

I've decided that with the current lack of interest and response to the icon contest that I may whore it out in the icon comms. I'll likely wait until tomorrow to decide.

Your mother.

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Your mother.

Dont you be tryin to bring my momma into this..

i see a strand of yo momma insults coming

our mother's so fat, when she jumped up in the air, she got stuck!

yo momma so fat, after sex i had to roll over twice to get off her!

o momma's so fat, to have sex with her you have to smack her on the ass and ride the waves in.

I don't even know how to make icons.
I just steal them.

Sorry. It's not lack of interest.

wasn't trying to be critical or woe-is-me-my-friends-don't-love-me; just matter of fact about it. I know not everyone has the skeelz, and I know not everyone is going to have the time, but I do want some icons fo this and since I have this contest thingie going, I might as well open it up to the people who live for this sort of thing. :)

I am glad there was not to much damage on the beer- os&d is a pain to deal with! I must say I really like the Master Shake bouncing icon- do you by chance have a Frylock one?

o, but I'm sure I could make one of some sort. You have anything particular in mind? A particular scene or episode or movement? I have all 4 of the ATHF DVD's so it shouldn't be too much trouble to whip something up.

Phew. Thank goodness. I've been worried about that beer. Poor beer.

poken like a true Canadian. Although I didn't think you'd get so emotional over some cheap American beer.

For those of you wondering what happened with the beer leakage: four cases were compromised...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *helplessly shakes fist*

guess George Lucas isn't only inspiring your icons but your comment dialogue as well?

Hee! That reminds me of a meme one of my lj friends did where he answered the average meme questions as The Sith Lord Himself: NOOOOO!

hat was awesome. Who knew the Dark Lord has the hots for Angelina Jolie?

elivering to Lebanon, loading in Indianapolis. At the moment, I doubt there'll be any sort of layover though. In, out, and on our way to New York.

Your mother.

Oh no you di'nt!

I TOLD you I'd make you an icon. I just don't know if I have the skillz to do it. Dork-face.

Your mother wears army boots!

our mother is so stupid she thinks a quarterback is a refund.

(Deleted comment)
'm not that far north. Otherwise I'd be kidnapping your ass and making you take me to that swell cinema.

(Deleted comment)
ever fear. Truckers see plenty of the Chicagoland area unfortunately.

BTW I don’t care about the award, it was fun. Anyway I was wired from chocolate and coffee at 3 am so I said "Sure I’ll make an icon for soopa *buzz, buzz*"

Honestly I could use it as much as you could, probably more with my non-typing/spelling arse

t's such a common occurence I should probably make on of them my default icon.

we just drove all through IN today.....

and I want to make an icon, but we've been traveling and are busy all week with more traveling this weekend.....so no time to be creative right now.

ell if the creative spirit moves you after the contest, I'd still be interested. :)

hey you could help me along..... I have an excellent idea that just came to me.... could you email some of your more notable mispellings or some posts where you've been razed about them?

don't know about hunting down specific examples all over the place, I do it so frequently that they all blur together. But for a recent example, here's a comment thread in someone else's journal where I typoed the Spelling of Nickelodeon not once, but twice (and I know how to spell it, this was truly a typo, both times). Poor K thought that must be the way it was spelled and he started spelling it that way, too.

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