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an entry entirely about eating

o communicate back and forth with dispatch, receive information, and log our hours we utilize a satellite device known as a Qualcomm. A driver can send a message in one of two ways: either a free form, typed message or from a list of pre-set macros. The macros are numbered, and one gets in the habit of simply referring to them by their number For instance, upon completion of loading we send a Macro 2, or to shorten it, I would tell my student to "Send a 2".

This morning, Joe wanted to check his student driving hours, to see how many he had completed. The company has a macro established for that as to prevent students from calling the Training Department to ask. The conversation went something like this:

Joe: I wanna check my hours. What do I do? 69?
Me: It's a 62. A 69 is something else completely different. Heh.

I think it went over Joe's head though.

Breakfast of Champions

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or for that matter lunch, or dinner

Pretty regularly, Dustin will eat the same breakfast.

I think Reese's Cups are vile. Same with Dr. Pepper.

Am I going to hell?

I don't like Dr Pepper very much either.

preach on Sista!

actually i dont mind the diet berries and cream dr pepper..but regular eck!

he square root of 69 is 8 something. Which never stops amusing me.

hat is an awesome joke. I'd never heard that one before.

That's a pretty spiffy scripted cap you're sporting there. Well done!

You should do one entirely about showering as I may be buying a camper without a shower, and would like to know more about using the ones at truck stops if I'm going to start being on the road a lot more.

Yes, I suspect swallowing gasoline affects memory.

You should do a post about food next.

comparison of the big 3-4 truckstop chains and their food offerings could be doable. Road food in general, however, would require volumes.

Maybe after that you could do one about truck stop showers.

The Q Comm is a wonderful thing- excpet we have a handful of about 50 drivers who don't read it- they call and ask- "What did that message say" I always say- "well we don't spend the $$ to put these in the truck for you to call, please utilize it from now on" of course with a smile on my face-

've heard plenty of horror stories from dispatchers about Qualcomm, or rather the lack of its use. My last dispatcher sent regular messages at least once a week imploring people to USE THE QUALCOMM instead of calling for routine things.

If I've asked before and I've forgotten, I apologioze. What exactly is it you do related to the industry? Do you work in dispatch?

I work in Customer Service and Dispatch- I handle one of our largest accounts and on the weekend I work in dispatch when I am here- I book freight, fight with customers about rates and extra charges, call customers and make up excuses why my drivers can't be there on time (some legit some not) - make sure the drivers have their appts and del# and pu# and po# and all of that other stuff you need- Good Times

I must be immature. 69 *snicker*

ot that I don't have mad love for that Lazy Sunday video, but how dare you use an icon with Mr. Pibb in this entry!

I actually don't even like Mr. Pibb, I just wanted to use this icon. Dr. pepper is better, but Reese's peanut better cups have nothing on red vines.

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