It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

Voice Post:

467K 2:30
“Oh, it's so funny to be seeing you after so long girl
And from the way you look I understand
That you are not impressed
But I heard you let that little friend of mine
Take off your party dress

I'm not gonna get to sentimental
Like those other sticky valentines
"cause I don't if you've been lovin' somebody
I only know it isn't mine

Oh Allison
I know this world is killing you
Oh Allison
My aim is true

So you got a husband now
Did he leave your pretty fingers
Lying in the wedding cake
You used to hold him right in your hand
I bet it took all he could take

Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking
When I hear the silly things that you say
I think somebody better put out of the big light
"cause I can't stand to see you this way

Oh Allison
I know this world is killing you
Oh Allison
My aim is true

My aim is true”

Transcribed by: ladydreamfire
Tags: music, phone_post

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