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album covers
music collection
decided to play the album cover meme game, too. I tried to think of album covers that I like, but that I didn't see on many other people's lists. I had to hack in a few because the meme generator couldn't find some of the albums I wanted to include. Enjoy. Warning: some of these are definitely not work safe.

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You have one of the most unexpectedly kickass tastes in music I've ever seen. Or album covers. Fuckit, music. Definitely music.

hanks! Although, I didn't think it was so unexpected. I'm always rambling on about some band half my friends list has never heard of. :)

I'm surprised you and I haven't cross-comments on the Beastie Boys yet. I've noticed your apparent love for them via their regular appearance in your "Current Music".

yes I deleted to fix my typo. :O

Well, unexpected because every time I turn around, it's like "What, them too?!" A lot of people I know who I'd categorize as having great taste are still to some degree genre-locked.. or at least genre-locked-out of several types. I end up having x in common with this person, y in common with that, z in common with someone else, and none of it overlaps. But your tastes are all over the board and it's really impressive. The openmindedness and the requisite knowledge to pull from such a broad base. Not to mention I love a lot of those bands, too. ;P

The second part, well prolly 'cause I'm so comment-quiet even on the best of days.. and for the last chunk of months have been even moreso. On that subject, I keep meaning to just say "Hey you know what this is great!!" or something similar in Toonloons.. because it really is! (I don't think I've said word one there but I read a lot and have sampled my share.)

I'm so sad I missed Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That! in the theaters. >:( The local place pulled it after 3 freakin' days and I wussed out of going on a NYC adventure alone to find the next closest theatre. (Yeah I <3 <3 <3 the Beastie Boys!)

Re: yes I deleted to fix my typo. :O

was hoping to catch Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That! in the theatre, too on the sneak preview date when it was in a lot more markets but it just didn't work out with the timing and where I was. With its limited theatrical run, I'm sure it'll be on DVD pretty quick. I'm guessing by this summer.

I know what you mean about people who have the exact same musical tastes. I don't think I've ever met someone who shared mine exactly. I'll have friends I can talk to about late 80's hiphop and another I can talk with about punk and another with about NYC noise, etc... but the people who can I converse with about all them are rare. I guess I've always tried to avoid the trap of "genre lock". I'm as apt to check out (and dig) a Pink album as well as a Sonic Youth album.

That said, my proclivities do fall into a fairly narrow strata: there's a good chance that most of the music I like is hard/heavy/loud and up-tempo. I guess I'm just more open-minded to the rule exceptions.

Should we be finding you a good typo icon, too? Feel free to steal one of those if you like. ;-)

Paul's Boutique!

I wanted to put Brenda Kahn's "Epiphany in Brooklyn" on my music list but I couldn't. It's such a great album though.

trying to burn a hole through my aching head

reat album and great album cover. I'm not huge fan of Brenda Kahn, nor am I typically a huge fan of sensitive/singer-songwriter/folksy/etc music, but I do love Epiphany in Brooklyn. I fell in kove with it while DJ'ing college radio. "I Don't Sleep I Drink Coffee Instead" is such a great song. It's full of great songs. "Mint Juleps and Needles", "In Indiana". Oh man, ths song "Losing Time" always gives me chills. When I was giving Welfy some stuff to listen to a few weeks ago, that was one of the albums I suggested she check out. I don't think she's listened it yet, though.

Re: trying to burn a hole through my aching head

She must check that album out ASAP!

You know who you remind me of?

John Cusack's character in High Fidelity.

In more ways than one.

went to see that film with a friend of mine, and while she appreciated it too, she didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Not just Cusack's character, but the other two as well. Man, that film is such a spot-on depiction of typical music geeks. I am not quite as bad as those three are, but I'm pretty bad. Although, I'm not nearly as bad as I used to be either. Case in point: every one of the albums above was made prior-to 1998.

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