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show me what you're workin' wit'

love spring for a variety of reasons, but one of the reasons I do is a more, mmmm, lecherous one? The past few days while driving about, I've done double takes while a single thought ran through my head.


Y'see, I have a weakness for lady's legs. I always have. The warmer months of the year are like Christmas for me, with hundreds of thousands of free viewings of calves, ankles, knees and thighs. While the stereotypical long and curvy ones are the most aesthetically appealing, I love them in all shapes and sizes. John Lee Hooker couldn't have been more right when he sang "Big legs. Tight skirt. 'Bout to drive me outta my mind." Some guys look at the boobs, me I'm looking at the legs. So I thought it'd be fun to see the legs of my f-list. To be fair, I'm encouraging the guys to participate as well.


This isn't a contest and how much you want to show of your legs is entirely up to you. Dress 'em up in stockings, go au naturale, or take a quick snap-shot of them sneaking out from beneath your work-dress, I don't care. I've debated on whether to even try this because I'm afraid a lot of people just won't take the time, or think it's a perverted, boneheaded idea to begin with. The again, I also know I have a number of camwhores on my f-list, too. To provide a safe place to encourage the photos, I've made the comments of this entry screened. Leave comments with the photos and stipulate whether you're comfortable with having them posted publicly. After having a few days to collect them (with a couple of reminders I'm sure), I'll make a post revealing everyone's legs who consented, including my own.

Speaking of f-list participation, I posted a poll for voting on the icons yesterday from the icon contest. If for some reason you missed it, please consider taking a moment to go cast a vote. There's a month of paid LiveJournal time on the line for the winner!

how could anyone leave a comment to the post if comments are disabled?

p.s. obviously they AREN'T disabled as i am leaving this comment.

ah! I meant screened. Which it is. I dunno why I said disabled.

liked legs too. I'm not a cam whore though. Maybe if I convince myself I'm just taking a good picture of my tattoo..

hat icon shows some of your legs!

That's fine by me if you just wanna be "taking pictures of your tattoo". Heh. Whatever gets you through. Incidentally, I've always assumed you probably have very nice legs, but that's probably just me making lame assumptions given what I know about you and your past ;-).

as soon as i get jaime to upload a pic of my triple layer calf musckles, ill post them :-p I have some nice calves, ive been told by complete strangers

ot that I care to see a dude's legs, but I think it'd be fun for the ladies round here if we were just as willing to ham it up for the camera, too. I have no problem being treated like a piece of meat.

Heh...I've always enjoyed a good challenge. How fortuitous that my sorority formal is this weekend. Short dresses and high heels shall abound...I'll try to get a pic then.

mmmm, short dresses. I can't wait!

If you've been to my journal, you've seen my legs.

wwww, that's no fun! I want one taken just for me. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
ou're wrong! I do! I'll totally respect you in the morning your wishes not to post them in a future entry if that's your wishes though.

she's got legs and she knows how to use them

my legs are fat and i have a scar the size of my palm on my left one. i still like em allright, but i don't care to show them off.

like all sizes of legs, and scars just make them even more intersting.

You don't have to "show them off", just leave a picture here in the comments screened and if you don't want it to be seen by anyone else, I'll honor it. :)

Taking a picture of my own legs might be entertaining, as I'm not sure how the timer works on my digital camera and I'm the only one here with mad picture-taking skillz, but I shall endeavor. :-) Why not.

I feel like such a whore! How come I'm the only one who submitted?

Kick out the gams!

I guess I'm okay with this being posted publicly, though I usually try to not let my username be tied to anything that definitively identifies me. What the heck, though, right?

BTW, although that skirt appears to be sheer, I assure you it's a trick of the light. ;)

Self-portraits, so not the best. Permission to share granted.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

By the way.... I would prefer if this not get posted so anyone else can see... lol.... I dont think its a very good pic. :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'll have to take another soon enough.