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icon contest results

con Contest Results

After considering all of the wonderful icons submitted for the contest, I have chosen the three winners.

First Place

created by c_rob

This is my favorite primarily because I had something similar in mind with concern to the animation when thinking of what I'd like for an icon dealing with this subject, that of someone typing something then correcting it. I was just too lazy to do it myself or to think of what those words should actually be. Thanks for reading my mind, Charlie.


created by delicarose

This is my second favorite because I think the general concept is cute. Nice job. You now are responsible for two of my userpics, Shala.

Popular Vote Winner

created by lossfound

Rob's submission to the contest was the most popular amongst the voters in the poll. I think it's clear that my f-list is comprised largely of a bunch of pottymouths. God bless y'all.

The three winners above will be receiving a month of paid LiveJournal time, which I will take care-of before week's end when I have a moment or two. The other four submissions in the contest came via a post I made in iconrequests last week.

The first two were created by malleteery_one. The "You're Mohter" icon makes me giggle and I'll probably keep that one in addition to the winners above.

The other two icons were submitted by peach_megumi.

This was fun. I might have to do it again sometime. Thanks everyone for your submissions and for taking the time to vote in the poll.

I'd still like to see a lot more participation in the the SHOW US YOUR GAMS! challenge. Then again, maybe it was a boneheaded idea.

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gimme time on the gams, I gotta get the ole camera out and convince a certain Fujinator to snap the pic. Last night was not a good time.

I tend towards kinda stocky (but well shaped) legs anyhow. for Lo! I am short. No legs up to here for me.

egs look great in all shapes and sizes. I look forward to it!

All posted entries were magnificent.

ps my legs are shit... but I got other attributes I'm proud of...

f those are yours in the icon, very impressive....

...but I still wanna see your legs!

I'd still like to see a lot more participation in the the SHOW US YOUR GAMS! challenge. Then again, maybe it was a boneheaded idea.

Not at all! I'm in the "need more time" camp, but I fully intend to participate. :D

ay! You should get pictures of Charlie's legs, too!

Well, "YAY ME!" then...

...You know you don’t have to do the paid time thing right? It was my pleasure

our approach to the icon was exactly what I had in mind when I was considering making one of my own; to animate the typing of something incorrectly then backspace over it and correct it. I probably could've done it, but it wouldn't have looked nearly as smooth and nice as yours, plus, I didn't know what to have it actually type. "Typing sucks!" is simple and pure genius. :)

yay awesome!!!! a winner is us!!!!!!

incidentally, technically speaking, my icon was not Vulgar. it relies on principles of human cognition to fill in the missing parts, which means that if you actually see the complete word "fucked," you ARE a pottymouth.

ice try, but I don't think that partial "F" could be construed as anything else.

it could be construed as the back wings of a badly drawn fly.

Give us time on the gams contest. It may take me until Sunday afternoon to get mine up on the computer, as the formal is Saturday night and I think Mom and Dad are taking the digital with them when they go south for the weekend. *sto*


*thbts* Patience is one of the cardnial virtues of every pickyslut.

I'm glad you like it.
Loved the pictures of your legs. I'll see if I can get together with Kim this weekend and get pictures of my shoes and tattoos.

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