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i'm too sexy for this motel room

his afternoon, while traveling through southern Mississippi en route to Houston I discovered that the clutch on the truck needed a lot more than a simple adjustment. The clutch is completely shot. I pulled it into a shop here in Hattiesburg and discovered that I will be sitting here until Friday morning until it can be replaced. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the hotels in the area have been essentially booked non-stop since the storm, but the shop managed to find me a room for the next two nights. Sadly, it's a non-smoking room and there are no others available. Tomorrow I'll see if one is becoming vacant I can snag for the rest of my time here. You can expect to see the long-delayed second part of the Rochester Subway entry.

nother thing I decided to do since I have a lot of extra time on my hands, not to mention a great deal of privacy and wide-open space, is take some pictures of MY legs.

You are so not ready for this

I told you you weren't ready for this. Now let's see YOURS.

I think I just died. Then again, it's nothing *I* haven't seen already. You are such a freaking dork.*

Aw, you kept on the necklace I gave you for Christmas. :^)

* which means I want to jump your bones, of course**


ou won't know what to do with yourself with a solid two weeks of SOOPA.

:o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

know. It is too sexy for words.

here're the pictures of your legs, son? You and monkeygrl should be reciprocating with the camera holding.


You are awesome. Awesome to the max.

es I am. Now send me legs pictures.

You feel'n any better after your lovely day at work?

Oh man, and I'm going to have to live next door to you????? It'll be bad enough READING about said exploits, but to get visuals to go with.... oh my how will I sleep at night... and I'm so sure you DON"T want to the horrors that are called MY legs.

Hey, I'm the one who has to live WITH him!! :^P

I'm sure your legs are cute!

*g* Your legs are all well & fine, but it's the facial expressions that really make those pics special ;)

aybe I need to get me some leopard print speedos like in that icon. Then I'd melt computer screens when I put photos on the internet.

Holy cow...you're even wearing the spiked collar, too!

Southern Mississippi en route to Houston...on I-10?

Honk when you pass through Rayne, La. That's my hometown. :-)

eah, well, I'm no longer going to Houston with the breakdown. The company re-powered the load since it had to be in Houston by morning, but that was my intended route. I had even planned on dipping down through New Orleans to survey the Katrina aftermath.

(Deleted comment)
eah yeah yeah. Now, let's see some legs!

(Deleted comment)
You're a brave one, Mister Geek.

think all the really bad singing over the past week got me over my self-consciousness in general.

Besides, I can't very well ask my friends to do something I'm not willing to do myself, can I?

So, c'mon. Are you gonna send me pictures or not?

My innocence has been snatched from me...and snatched hard...

onsider this my little contribution to preparing you for your post-collegiate experience out in the big bad world.

Those pictures made my morning. Rawk.

You know, I think about you every morning when I drive
past the abandoned slaughterhouse just down the street
from my home.
I'm terrified of it, but I am sure that you would LOVE it.
There's also an abandoned home right smack next to it.

If you are ever in Washington State, and want to check
it out, look me up.

wesome. I'll keep that in mind. What part of Washington State?

(Deleted comment)
very girl's crazy 'bout a sharp un dressed man.

This certainly breaks any previously-held record for number of comments in my journal. Heh.

So c'mon. Give it up, let's see them legs. ;-)

I don't think Carlos will sign off on the legs pictures :) but I'll ask. Also, I love the radioactive blue tightie boxer-briefies.

Yeah. Feeling better. Sort of.

hey don't have to be sexy legs pictures like mine. Just talking harmless legs pictures. :)

Thats the greatest thing I have ever seen. Of course you know now I could never post pictures of my legs, I could not accept you having nicer legs than I do :D

oooooo! No. No. No. No. No! That's not what this entry was supposed to accomplish. It was supposed to make people more comfortable about the idea of showing thier legs. I mean, granted, I've obviously got the hawt goods, but c'mon, it's not THAT intimidating.

Two things.

One... On the 18th we must have just passed each other. We could have done lunch or something. But after seeing those pics...

Two... I'M BLIND!!!
joking... actually those made me spit out my pepsi. Funny shit man, funny shit. I needed a laugh. Thanx.

h, were you in western KY/western TN on Tuesday? That's the route I was on coming out of Lexington. I stopped for the night in York right on the AL/MS border.