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i'm too sexy for this motel room

his afternoon, while traveling through southern Mississippi en route to Houston I discovered that the clutch on the truck needed a lot more than a simple adjustment. The clutch is completely shot. I pulled it into a shop here in Hattiesburg and discovered that I will be sitting here until Friday morning until it can be replaced. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the hotels in the area have been essentially booked non-stop since the storm, but the shop managed to find me a room for the next two nights. Sadly, it's a non-smoking room and there are no others available. Tomorrow I'll see if one is becoming vacant I can snag for the rest of my time here. You can expect to see the long-delayed second part of the Rochester Subway entry.

nother thing I decided to do since I have a lot of extra time on my hands, not to mention a great deal of privacy and wide-open space, is take some pictures of MY legs.

You are so not ready for this

I told you you weren't ready for this. Now let's see YOURS.

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eheheheh, it wasn't an act of boredom, but an act of encouragement. I can't very well ask my friends-list to be show'n their GAMS if I'm not willing to do it myself.

well....you really showedus lol

nd expect to see Frankfort reprazentin' with the legs pictures.

you better be hittin your other Frankfortian friends! i havent wore shorts in 2 years! you will be blinded! and as someone else mentioned, i dont want to look at my own much less show someone else!

but i do have an idea and maybe ill do it this weekend. ill have to get the whole family cause if ya show one, ya gotta show all!

egs're beautiful in all shapes, sizes, and tones. My hope is that by putting my pasty, bony, hairy legs out there, it'll make other folks not be so self-conscious about the prospect. It's all in fun, and if you just wanna put it in the entry with the screened comments and ask that I not show them, that's perfectly ok. :)

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