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i'm too sexy for this motel room

his afternoon, while traveling through southern Mississippi en route to Houston I discovered that the clutch on the truck needed a lot more than a simple adjustment. The clutch is completely shot. I pulled it into a shop here in Hattiesburg and discovered that I will be sitting here until Friday morning until it can be replaced. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the hotels in the area have been essentially booked non-stop since the storm, but the shop managed to find me a room for the next two nights. Sadly, it's a non-smoking room and there are no others available. Tomorrow I'll see if one is becoming vacant I can snag for the rest of my time here. You can expect to see the long-delayed second part of the Rochester Subway entry.

nother thing I decided to do since I have a lot of extra time on my hands, not to mention a great deal of privacy and wide-open space, is take some pictures of MY legs.

You are so not ready for this

I told you you weren't ready for this. Now let's see YOURS.

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Actually, cameras in strip clubs in Las Vegas are illegal so no strip pics for you, but here goes one of my experimentation with blonde ambition. Kind of a leg shot:

ery nice. Thanks! Is that your paparazzi pose or are you lettin' someone talk to the hand.

Actually, it's a reaction to someone sending me unbelievably questionable email that I unwittingly opened. It was a cross between porn and vomiting...and that's all I'll say. *resolutely forgets day*

bet with the general tone of your journal and the demeanor of your f-list, you get quite a lot of interesting things forwarded your way.

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