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Last night I met up with Robin when I got into town and we went over to her friend's house again. Her friend Kristine works with her at Lowe's. Her husband Rim (I'm not making this up) and a friend of theirs, Dean. It's interesting that Dean and Robin coincidentally knew each other as young teens and used to make-out back in the day. Anyway, Dean brought over a Ninetendo, the original Nintendo... with Zelda and Super Mario 3. God I hadn't seen those games in years. and Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

I ended up drinking waaaaay too much Maker's Mark and ended up hugging the toilet for the remainder of the night until Robin got me back to her place, of which I have vague recollections. It was the kind of drunk where you're okay, as long as you don't move. As soon as you move, the heaves come. I didn't have much on my stomach after all the toilet hugging so it was just dry heaving from the house to the car, then from the car up to Robin's apartment. She was gracious enough to let me take the bed and she crashed on the couch. I like to tie on a good one every few months, if nothing else to remind me that I don't like getting that drunk.

I got up this morning and watched some of the U.S. Open. Tennis is one of the few sports I enjoy watching, along with college basketball. Maybe this week while I'm in the northeast I'll have the time to visit NYC. If I do, I plan to try and go see some of the U.S. Open first hand. I think that'd be kinda cool.

But a lot of people don't care for tennis, Robin being one of them. So when she woke up we watched Remember the Titans. I had seen it once before on an airplane trip a couple of years ago, but its not so bad of a movie to sit through a second time.

I watched Agent Cody Banks tonight with my kids. Heh, it wasn't half bad. I mean it's typical family fare and you feel a little creepy thinking how hot Hilary Duff looks in her prep school uniforms, but Darrell Hammond is in it, and he just cracks me up. He plays this "Q" kinda character from the James Bond movies, but decidedly deranged. There's this scene where young Cory Banks is being taught how to "talk to girls" because it is essential to his mission and he's horribly inept at it. So the film presents his education in a montage sequence where various people are trying to give him advice and school him on being da big pimp. I'm guessing they let Darrel Hammond just riff and improv for some of his, cos he was just going off. I was rolling. And it culminated in a great joke. "My grandaddy used to say women are like cowshit: the older they get the easier they are to pick up." I find it hard to believe this was part of the script and I guess with the PG rating it was already gonna get for the level of violence, the directors just had to let that gem stay in there. My sons didn't really "get" the joke but they got to snicker at "shit". I was laughing my ass off. Oh yeah, and Angie Harmon... ssssssmokin'.

I was looking at a map of where exactly was I going in Massachusetts this week. I'll actually be out on the peninsula which'll be something new. Looking forward to that. I'm hoping I can hit a beach for a couple of hours. Summer's almost over and I sure would like play in the surf a little before it starts getting too cold.

There is a really old rap song from the early 80's by Newcleus called "Jam On It". It's in that Herbie Hancock's "Rock It"/Whodini's "Freaks Come Out at Night" category of rap that is really synth/electronic heavy, before sampling became popular. It's such a fun song and I recently was listening to it again. I'm gonna close this entry with their story of Superman, near the end of the song. This is classic stuff. Find it on Kaazaa or something, it's worth the listen.

Now Superman had come to town to see who really rocked
He blew away every crew he faced until he reached our block
His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel
And when we boys all sat outside he said "Ha, be for real."
He said "I'm faster than a speeding bullet and when I'm on the set
I don't need no grass to cool my ass I just use my super breath
I can fly three times around the world without missing a beat
I socialize with X-ray eyes and ladies think it's sweet."
And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move
And all the buildings for miles around were swaying to the groove
And just when he had fooled the crowd and swore he'd won the fight
We rocked his butt with a 12 inch cut called Disco Kryptonite
Now Superman looked up at me
He said "You rock so naturally"
I said "Now that you've learned to deal lemme tell you why I'm so for real
I'm Cozmo D from outer space and I come to rock the human race
I do it right 'cause I can't do it wrong
That's why the whole world is singin' this song"
Jam on it!

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