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he news on the truck just keeps getting worse and worse. At the moment, it appears that I will be stuck in here in Hattiesburg until at least Tuesday. Based on this new information, I decided to take advantage of the weekend car rental rates. For just under $100 I was able to get a car today and keep it until early Monday afternoon. Apparently, Enterprise was running low on vehicles to rent-out; I didn't reserve anything special, just a something in the mid-sized sedan range to putter about in while I'm stuck here.

I really wasn't expecting to get a PT Cruiser.

I rented one of these several years ago for my girlfriend at the time, Robin. She loves these cars and as a birthday present I rented one for the day. It's typically considered to be one of Enterprise's upper-tier rentals. To wit, it cost me over $70 for a single day's rental on the weekend when I did it before. What a deal. I'll be style'n all weekend.

mong the myriad of reasons I decided to rent a car for the weekend is that I thought it might be interesting to drive down the New Orleans tomorrow. It's a mere 120 miles south of here and with camera in-hand, I thought it might be worthwhile to survey the damage from Hurricane Katrina for myself. I'm also interested to see what a large American city that was essentially wiped off the map looks like; a modern-day ghost-city if you will. With the fortuitous acquisition of the Cruiser, if I get really into traveling around the city and taking photos, I could find a safe place to park, throw down the back seats and spend the night down there and resume on Sunday morning.

It's also occurred to me that lossfound is just a smidge over 300 miles down the road from me. Not an easy drive, but not a hard one either.

ne thing I failed to mention is that this past weekend, I retrieved my cat from Robin's house and put her back on the truck with me. I decided to take a lengthy break from training while I got things worked-out with this truck and THE BIG MOVE coming-up with welfy. Welf and I had decided to put-off her job seeking for a couple of weeks and for her to come ride with me for a while before getting tied-down with another job. Then when we get a place, she and Miss Fubu can settle into the homestead and I'll take-on another student at that time. Fubu has been a little squirrelly about the new and changing surroundings over the course of the week but is adapting rather nicely.

'm trying not to be TOO annoying with the multiple LJ entries while I have all this free time on my hands, but it is nice getting caught-up on somethings I wanted to write about. Over the weekend, you can expect the first installment of entries about LEGS. Woohoo!

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i so don't understand the appeal of the cruiser. my dad's had two so far, trading it in every year and a half or two since they came out. he followed them as concept cars, and wrote letters to promote production. and i... think they're completely ugly and handle like oxen. not bad with a turbo in them, but meh.

don't particularly care for them either, just recognizing their stylish design that a lot of people do appreciate. While it doesn't nearly as much as it used-to, they still turns a head or two when you're driving one.

As for performance, this is only the second one I have ever driven I don't really remember much about the first one. The little I drove this one today, it handled rather nicely.

A PT Cruiser? You just lost, like, 10 points in coolness.

A 300 mile drive isn't hard for you? You just got 100 points.

Moral: soopageek IS ALL THAT IS MAN.

Thanks for the travel advice. It may be coming in handy.

A 300 mile drive isn't hard for you?

I was thinking the same exact thing. I think that's a horribly long drive.

your kitty is sooooo pretty.

hanks! If we manage to become neighbors you can come over and love on her alllll you want. She loves good pet'n.

if you'll still be around over the weekend and feel like making the trip, hey, be my guest. tonight is for sleeping though. sorry. :(

h it wouldn't be tonight. I'm not going anywhere tonight. And New Orleans is on my agenda for tomorrow. But if I become sufficiently bored on Sunday, a 300 mile trip might not look too bad. Heh.

So that's you! Sadly, whenever I read you, I imagine I am being addressed by the bobble headed military guy on your add-me post. I can see a similiarity, but you are definitely not the same :^).

ou might want to stop reading your friends list before you get to my entry from the other day, then. It may shatter your world.

Fubu's looking fat! Maybe I should start lifting her so I can develop some biceps. :^P

he IS fat. My goodness. She was nowhere this big when I had her before. I don't know if it's just her metabolism slowing down, or a hormone thing because of the kitty hysterctomy or a lack of exercise from all the time she was lethargic when she was sick, or what.

But yeah. BIG KITTY!

P.S. Homestead? What is this, Little House on the Prairie? Can you buy me fancy hats from town and kill pigs for me so I can make us bacon?

up, and when you misbehave I'l take ya out to the woodshed.

The last time my daughter visited the USA, I looked for the cheapest deal I could find on the internet for a rental car in LA. We walked into the rental car company's garage searching for the numbered parking spot for our car, and there it was: a shining, metallic blue PT Cruiser. I don't care how dorky some people think they are, nothing else would have impressed my daughter more (at least, nothing at an affordable price). It was a fun car to drive on LA's freeways, too. Overall, perfect for us and our luggage.

t is a fun car to drive. I don't think I'd want to own one though, because of that dorkiness factor, though. Besides, I've never really liked the look of them. It just never did anything for me.

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