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Show Us Your Gams, The Ladies of Western PA

esterday when I opened my e-mail, I had a notification from Gemm alerting me that a record on my want list had been posted for sale. I've found this to be a really useful feature. I not only found a reasonably rare, out-of-print copy of a Nerdy Girl 10" I had been looking for for some time, but it also alerted me to the re-issue of the Crain album on CD. Yesterday, it came through for me again.

That's right suckers, The Lonesome Crowded West on vinyl. For a song, too. I've seen it go on eBay for over $100. I picked it up for just under $50. Wo0t, as they say.

t's kinda dreary and cloudy today. I'm not sure if I'll find the motivation to go to New Orleans or hold out for better weather tomorrow. I might just kinda play it by ear. I know one thing, if I don't go today I'll definitely go tomorrow. Maybe I'll check the weather forecast before I make up my mind. The weather could be worse tomorrow.

s promised, here's the first installment of LEGS from my friends list. We'll call this group of photos, The Ladies of Western Pennsylvania.

First and foremost as you might imagine, is my lovely welfy. She has such awesome legs.

Next up is smiles_sweetly. For those of you not in the know, she is the girlfriend of Welf's brother, Ben. 'Cause I got juice like dat.

And last, but certainly not least is ladydreamfire, who I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times when visiting Welf.

I'll post some more tomorrow. I've had promises of pictures from more people, so hopefully they'll be trickling in, too. I'm certain no one else finds this is as amusing and fun as I do, but I'm having a blast getting pictures from all of y'all. Keep 'em coming, even if you don't want them posted in an entry.

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Is it just me, or does it look like Lady's pic was taken next to one of the landspeeders from Return of the Jedi?

Man, I bet Greg didn't know THAT about Jane!

Hardest, I've laughed all week!

No I didn't, it would explain the world domination stuff though

I cannot believe nobody brought this to my attention until now. Thank you so much Greg. I never fully knew my darker side until now.

At least the legs are still all female :P

And the record the comment received to the oldest post this wek goes to YOU!

I'm can't believe you never saw it either. I figured you'd check back on all the comments in the entry featuring your gams.

In Texas today I saw a tanned women in shorts... as this becomes more and more of an occurence, I'm sure I'll get the fever for a second annual SHOW US YOUR GAMS contest. ;-)

yay for rare vinyl scores! Personally I'm on the hunt for old Firesign Theaterones..

legs! woot! it's a tossup between swings and odd truckstop locations, they're both winners i guess :D (although I think Ladydreamfire has the edge in my book for the wanton skirt lifting)

Truck-stop? You mean in Ladydreamfire's picture? That's Quaker Steak and Lube! And you would have seen some r-rated things if I had lifted my skirt even a fraction. :^P

Steak and Lube?! Isn't that sort of risque for PA?

lol, I'm sure it would have been. Gotta watch out for those sudden breezes when swinging :D

i think it's adorable that you're excited about the nerdy girl 10". andrew scored a boxful of indie poppish 7"s last year, and i managed to snag a nerdy girl 7" with her cover of the sloan song, "bells on". i love it. i vaguely remember hearing her cover "she said, she said" - do you know what album that's on? i would love an mp3 of that.

'm not a huge fan of Nerdy Girl, but I love the version of "Hate Me" that's on that 10". I actually pulled it out and listened to it last weekend when I was home. :)

"She Said, She Said" is not on Twist Her or I'd help you out with acquiring that mp3.

Maybe you should just friend her (castellucci) and ask her yourself. ;-)

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