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my legs are shot, sexywitch's legs are hot

spent the entire day shooting abandoned properties in New Orleans today. I am wore right the fuck out. I spent the evening going through my final edit and resizing them for my online gallery and uploaded them all. There's some really strange and beautiful stuff in there. Spending so much time with my camera, I began trying different approaches to shooting and I'm thrilled with the results. I definitely hit a new height technically and creatively. For the first time, I felt like I was doing things intentionally to achieve something I was pleased with rather than just getting lucky, which is the way I've always felt.

In total, I explored eight separate abandoned properties: a marina, a strip mall, a middle school, an indoor mall, a medical plaza, and three apartment complexes. This was in addition to random street shots of burned-out car frames and the shots I took downtown. In all, 551 photographs made the cut for one reason or another from a total of about 1,500. I'll be writing about them in more depth over the weeks to come. Tomorrow, I plan to write about the French Quarter.

I did something else today while I was in New Orleans. I made a virtual driving tour of the area I was exploring. It's nearly 30 minutes long and is not particularly entertaining in any way but it gives a more interactive view of the area than still pictures. At the end of the driving tour, I actually walk into a couple of abandoned apartment units while the video is still rolling. I highly recommend giving it a watch, but it is big. It's a 102 Mb .wmv file. Yeah, I know it's huge. But if you're interested, it's there.

keep getting LEGS pictures and I love it so much. If you haven't sent me one yet, DO IT!!!! I'm going to start posting one every other day or so until I run out. Today's legs come to us courtesy of sexywitch.

Tags: gams, home_video, travel

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