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mississippi moon won't you keep on shining on me

his morning I talked with the shop about the truck. They had it all back together, but it was put back together with the old clutch, as the fleet owner was trying to get away with paying for as little as possible and wanted me to drive the crippled truck up to Omaha for the remainder of the work. The joke is on them because the clutch was so far-gone that once reassembled, the truck still would not go into gear, rendering it undriveable. So now they have to pay additional labor (about $850) for them to tear the clutch out of it again and replace it, costing them twice as much as it would have if they had just had them stick the new clutch in it when they had it apart the first time. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the middle of all of this not making any money.

In other soopaFinancial news, I decided that with these recent developments and with the upcoming month of Soopawelfy truck shenanigans, to liquidate the paltry funds of my 401k upon leaving the employment of Werner. Despite the penalties and tax with holding, it'll be a nice chunk of change to have as a buffer while I navigate these next few chaotic and wonderful months.

ere are some more legs from the SHOWS US YOUR GAMS challenge. Today's legs belong to the lovely mix3d3m0ti0n5 and her hubby goingincirclez, my future neighbors in the other side of the duplex I've been mentioning. At first, Anna sent me some photos of her legs.

Then she tried to coax Tony into a group shot of their legs together, but Tony was a little reluctant.

But in the end, Tony was a trooper and gave it up h4rdc0r3.

've been utilizing and perfecting a particular way of presenting myself in the world of LiveJournal for several months now, which I usually refer to simply as THE STYLE. This is the scripted cap letter you see at the beginning as well as the general font and size of type. It's been met with some mixed opinions, which I've attributed largely to a reluctance to accept change, as most of the negative opinions have come from people who have been around my journal for some time. Similarily, most of the positive feedback I receive comes from newer acquaintances. In general, the anecdotal consensus seems to be that

1) The scripted cap is either loved or shrugged-off indifferently as goofy but tolerable.
2) The general font (Palatino Linotype) no one really has given an opinion on.
3) The font size is too big and could stand to be pared down a couple of points.

With this in mind, I thought I'd create a poll and let you voice your opinions definitively on the subject. You're not going to hurt my feelings or start some drama with me if you don't like it, but ultimately, I will go and stick with a combination (compromise?) of what I like and what "works" for the people who read it. Feel free to elaborate further in the comments if the poll answers don't offer enough gray area.

Poll #716783 Qestions about THE STYLE

The scripted cap is:

really dorky, kthnx.
cool and distincitve.
is a nice idea, but I don't care for the font.
is a nice idea, but you should have some variety.
dumb. Get rid of it.

I use the Palatino Linotype font for the general text of my entries.

Stop it. Now.
I don't care.
Tarantino who?
It looks great.

I use a 12pt. font size in my entries and comments. Too big? Too small? Which do you prefer?

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MARRIED legs? an outrage, sir

Legs of the betrothed
Torture me not, fair temptress
Goddamned Internet.

Why do you need to change your font and style at all? Why force your own presentational preferences on everybody else? I like my journal font and style just fine, thanks. Why not just let your words speak for themselves? LiveJournal is about writing, not about looking good. If you want to be original and cool, write something original and cool. Fooling with font and style breaks things, and in general comes across as pretentious.

hile it certainly is not more important than content, it's hard to deny that presentation isn't important at all. People do this all the time with their journals in various ways: utilizing lj-cuts, employing the use of images, using various HTML-based means of emphasis (italics for instance in your comment); I'm just taking it a bit beyond that. To turn your argument on you, if content is all that matters, then why get bent out of shape about the presentation at all?

Pretentious to an extent, no doubt but as far as breaking things, it's only broken in the tools we utilize to interact with LiveJournal (email notifications, placeholders, etc) but in it's native environemnt, changing the font, it's size and couple of small images doesn't break anything that I'm aware of.

i said “dumb” because i have images disabled in my friends page, so everytime i see your post, it starts out like this:

(IMAGE PLACEHOLDER)his weekend was awesome.

you see?

hat is one unfortunate side-effect. The same thing occurs in email comment notifications if the settings are such that it does not load graphics, or worse, are in plain text rather than HTML. I guess my feelings on it in both of these circumstances are that these are issues with the tools that the individual reader chooses to use and set; I'm more concerned with the native setting.

Firstly, I know you aere not gearing your entries toward me, nor should you be.

But since you asked, I am so annoyed by your use of those large capital letters that I have almost removed you from my friends list on several occasions. AND you never l-j cut. I thought you were using 14pt as well because your posts always seem to take up nearly an entire friends page on their own. If someday you find yourself removed, you can be 100% certain that it is because of your formatting and not because of your content which I usually enjoy.

FYI I am being totally honest but I'm also in a foul mood. Plus sugar coating isn't my style.

Woooo Hooooo

Hot! Ouch!

Hey GIC - whats with the window?

frankly, i don't care in the slightest what you do on your own page. what i think of it is irrelevant. i hate it in the comments you leave, though, if for no other reason than i don't get html emails and the comments come back to me as a jumble of html nonsense and sometimes, i just don't read them. and that's too bad.

hat is an unfortunate side-effect of the email notification tool and one I've wrestled with from that start with concern to using the style in comments. On the one hand there is this unfortuante side-effect... on the other, I like the distinction it gives my comments in the native setting when scrolling through a list of comment threads in someone's journal.

Personally, your style confuses me because I don't think it's at all "you". I dunno, it doesn't fit *my* image of you in my head. And my brain doesn't do initial caps well, even in print (not web) I don't process the big letter for some reason.

You are leaving your current company? Not that I am trying to recruit you or anything but..... just kidding- :)

've already left them, but not really. I stopped working for Werner as a company driver but still work for them leased-on as an owner-operator through a small fleet. It's this small company through which I'm going to be purchasing a truck, but still work for Werner as an O/O.

what is it with doobie brothers lately? Is this a hint to me that's facet of my skeltons I need to deal with? At least with your style drama, all attention is diverted from my legs. LOL

As for the style, I have to agree with a PP I doesn't seem to be "you" in the way that I see you. But I think for what you want, you have to do what you want in your journal, but other's my have their own thing for their journal. I know in some communities that they will ban you for changing the default text. Also, forcing a user to use only the style you choose for them is bad form in terms of web usability. Granted you aren't in the business of drawing more attention, WTH, of course you are... but there are great great resources to use on website usablity. I have tons of resources should you want to devlve further into that.

oh yeeah, I hate serif fonts, but that's just me. My coworker, over 50, hates sans serif fonts and when I design something specifically for her I half to remember to use Times New Roman, not Arial or a fun creative font.

My only issue with the scripted cap is that I have a black background so it doesn't show up on my friends page. I think it'd be hard to see on any page that isn't a light color. I like it otherwise. I think it's cool. I like how your entries stand out.

es, I'm aware of this unfortunate side-effect of the scripted cap. When making the decision to experiement with doing the cap in this manner, I debated for a while on whether to use a multi-toned graphic that was highlighted with a lighter color so that it would show on any background.... but I was lazy and decided basic black was next best.

Besides, you people who like to read things on black backgrounds are crazy.

so i want to fill out the poll, but none of the answers are answers i would answer. so i made my own:

1) The scripted cap is: dorky, but tolerable. call it "charming."
2) I use the Palatino Linotype font for the general text of my entries..: i don't have this font on my computer, so it just shows up as helvetica.
3) I use a 12pt. font size in my entries and comments. Too big? Too small? Which do you prefer? your 12 pt. looks like 14 pt. on my machine. so going down to 10 pt wouldn't be a bad thing.

started to include another answer for #2 that would include "Palatino Linotype isn't supported by my OS" but decided against it. When researching the "standard" fonts and in my intial noodling with it I was setting it as "book antiqua" but with Windows XP that font was merged in the broader group of Palatino Linotype. I really wasn't sure about other platforms such as Linux or Mac at all.

As for your thoughts on #3, there's a reason why it looks like 14pt. which I uncovered in the process of creating this poll, which I explained in more detail in my comment to ange420.

i think it's cool that people customize their ljs, even though i wouldn't (i don't have enough time, nor do i care to make the time to do it, although i can see why someone might). my main problem with your style is that the font's too big and while i like the idea of the scripted cap, i think your choice of font is a little cheesy? kinda hallmark cards-esque and looks too jagged... plus the space between that letter and the rest of the word is jarring - it's too wide. you can tell that it's an image file, and not an actual typed letter. If you could solve those issues, it would look tons better, in my opinion.

actually agree with you on most of those points, it's just a work-around I've employed to achieve a desired effect after exhausting my admittedly limited abilities to do so in another fashion with the scripted cap. Also, admittedly, I could probably find a better font, it's one I found somewhat hastily and did the grunt work with the creation of image files for the initial testing and implementation and it kinda stuck.

I have seen my neighbors' legs! Things will never be the same again! :^o Haha, I kid. I'm glad I will be living next to such splendid-looking people.

So in the Tony picture, does he know what he is doing or does he just enjoy ripping up cars??

As for the fonts and styles and blah-blah-blah...

I'm not a big fan of the "style" but I do like that your font size is readable. This particular journal style uses a rather small font that is a bit hard to read sometimes. I'd rather see words too big than too little.

I'm not a big fan of the "style"

Amen. Listen to your woman.

Also, in case he doesn't tell you, Pat is also not a big fan of the "style." Just outing him in case he's too chicken to TELL YOU THE TRUTH!


My answers hit your most popular answers on each question. Nice to know that my opinions have so much cred.

One choice that was not on the list: my BF doesn't like the scripted caps, he thinks they're pretentious. So some ppl like em, some don't. Can't please everyone.. just gotta please yourself.

hile it is true that you have to be true to yourself, at the same time you don't want to alienate people unnecessarily. I would be remiss if I didn't recognize that there are some people on my f-list who do not like it.

To put it another way, I'm less likely to lose a friend because I stop doing it rather than continue. I'm hoping to find some sort of middle gorund which is pleasing for everyone. myself included.

The of course, there's the punk in me that thinks "If someone is going to unfriend me over some extra HTML, teensy graphics, and a slightly larger font size, maybe I don't want them on my f-list". But I'm trying to resist that reactionary urge.

I do not like your style, because it overrides functions that I sometimes rely upon (for example, the ability to change font size to accomodate my eyesight, rather than being stuck with whatever the author thought would be the best (which, all-too frequently, means "prettiest")). It also sticks out like a sore thumb -- which, for all I know, may have ben your intent in the first place.

At the very least, please consider not hard-coding your font in point size, so that those who need to scale it can. This can be accomplished in HTML (through the use of relative sizes rather than absolutes: font size="+1", for instance, makes the font one step larger than the default) or through CSS if you choose to.

Although you asked for opinions, I have noticed that you have either refuted or ignored every opinion that did not agree with your image of what the responses should be. Shall I take it from this that you have already made up your mind?

I wandered in randomly and shall wander out again now.

y mind is far from made-up on it, and it's opinions and comments such as these with valid reasons other than "I don't like the way it makes my f-list look" or "I have a thing for ridiculously small font-type" which give me reason to reconsider my presentation.

Not to mention, I think you just taught me something I didn't know. I am admittedly, NOT the most savvy person when it comes to HTML.

If I understand you correctly, by using the HTML font tag for relative size, I can achieve the larger font I'm wanting for my entry page (from LiveJournal's base font-size), yet users with differing needs can still set their "relative" size base wherever they like to suit their needs?

And out of curiosity, where did you wander in from?