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mississippi moon won't you keep on shining on me

his morning I talked with the shop about the truck. They had it all back together, but it was put back together with the old clutch, as the fleet owner was trying to get away with paying for as little as possible and wanted me to drive the crippled truck up to Omaha for the remainder of the work. The joke is on them because the clutch was so far-gone that once reassembled, the truck still would not go into gear, rendering it undriveable. So now they have to pay additional labor (about $850) for them to tear the clutch out of it again and replace it, costing them twice as much as it would have if they had just had them stick the new clutch in it when they had it apart the first time. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the middle of all of this not making any money.

In other soopaFinancial news, I decided that with these recent developments and with the upcoming month of Soopawelfy truck shenanigans, to liquidate the paltry funds of my 401k upon leaving the employment of Werner. Despite the penalties and tax with holding, it'll be a nice chunk of change to have as a buffer while I navigate these next few chaotic and wonderful months.

ere are some more legs from the SHOWS US YOUR GAMS challenge. Today's legs belong to the lovely mix3d3m0ti0n5 and her hubby goingincirclez, my future neighbors in the other side of the duplex I've been mentioning. At first, Anna sent me some photos of her legs.

Then she tried to coax Tony into a group shot of their legs together, but Tony was a little reluctant.

But in the end, Tony was a trooper and gave it up h4rdc0r3.

've been utilizing and perfecting a particular way of presenting myself in the world of LiveJournal for several months now, which I usually refer to simply as THE STYLE. This is the scripted cap letter you see at the beginning as well as the general font and size of type. It's been met with some mixed opinions, which I've attributed largely to a reluctance to accept change, as most of the negative opinions have come from people who have been around my journal for some time. Similarily, most of the positive feedback I receive comes from newer acquaintances. In general, the anecdotal consensus seems to be that

1) The scripted cap is either loved or shrugged-off indifferently as goofy but tolerable.
2) The general font (Palatino Linotype) no one really has given an opinion on.
3) The font size is too big and could stand to be pared down a couple of points.

With this in mind, I thought I'd create a poll and let you voice your opinions definitively on the subject. You're not going to hurt my feelings or start some drama with me if you don't like it, but ultimately, I will go and stick with a combination (compromise?) of what I like and what "works" for the people who read it. Feel free to elaborate further in the comments if the poll answers don't offer enough gray area.

Poll #716783 Qestions about THE STYLE

The scripted cap is:

really dorky, kthnx.
cool and distincitve.
is a nice idea, but I don't care for the font.
is a nice idea, but you should have some variety.
dumb. Get rid of it.

I use the Palatino Linotype font for the general text of my entries.

Stop it. Now.
I don't care.
Tarantino who?
It looks great.

I use a 12pt. font size in my entries and comments. Too big? Too small? Which do you prefer?

Tags: gams, poll

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