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on the road again, etc

he truck is fixed and I have been dispatched with a load out of Corinth, MS that is going to Tobaccoville, NC. Yay! It's good to be rolling again.

I had planned to go home this weekend but after having the past week OFF, that really wouldn't be prudent at this juncture. Which sucks because my brother sent me the following email this morning:

Hey Bro,

Didn't know whether or not you would be home this weekend or not, but ............(beware of the comical description that follows)..............wanted to let you know if you are, and you want to witness some good clean "redneck" fun, you should venture your way to the Mercer County fair grounds in Harrodsburg for a car crashing, bone jarring good time. Should be a good opportunity for some interesting photos !!! Yes it may seem Barbaric from the outside, but walk through the pits and amaze yourself with the "shade tree" mechanics ability to engineer, and fabricate themselves a machine that could be considered by most D.O.T.'S a Deadly Weapon. You will be amazed at the detail and ingenuity that goes into making these metal destroyers, as witnessed by my own humble 1986 Chevrolet Chevette, that has been turned into a rock hard, metal mangling machine of sorts, whose price tag would now rival its new sticker price in 1986. The full size cars construction will amaze even the most knowledgeable and daring engineers of our times...... Full size Ford bodies with Chevrolet powerplants, tranny's, and rear ends, double stuffed tires, and enough horsepower to make a stockcar cower with fear. The metal crunching will begin at 7:00pm.......come one, come all, those pregnant or with heart conditions should consult with their Doctor before witnessing such carnage. Gate admission is $7.00 per person children 5 and under get in free. Derby only.....not a fair !!!! O.k. that was as interesting as I could make it sound......how about.......come on down Saturday night an watch us country folk get in perfectly good cars and beat one another senseless until there is only one of us left !! or my favorite...............are you ready!!!............Demolition Derby is my single handed attempt at eliminating inbreeding !!!!!!

I love going to my brother's Demo Derby competitions. They're a lot of fun. Hopefully he still plans to do some of the fairs later in the summer and I can catch one then.

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OMG, Demo Derby's are one of GIC"s favorite things to watch.... But he's never been to the KY version. Is this saturday night? B/c I think we may have to make some plans to go LOL

'm not sure. I would presume it's Saturday night at 7pm. I'll ask him and let you know.

My mom used to take us to those at the Astrodome.
I got to see the original TRex in action.
Man, those were the days!

bet it's even louder and more exciting indoors.

Demo Derby = Redneck
I love the Demo Derby- logical conclusion
KerouacGirl = Redneck
Sounds like a blast- I have always wanted to do one of those-

o DOOOO it! And take lots of pictures for LJ!

We used to have THE best Demo Derby spot in the state,
up in Spanaway, until they closed it down recent like.

I love going to monster truck rallies and demo derby
shows. Love. Love. Love.


don't think that I've ever been to a true monster truck rally. I've been to truck and tractor pulls, and there were some big trucks there, but not like, the really monstrous ones.

you know, i haven't even seen an ad for DD since i moved to georgia, but when we lived in virginia we'd go at least twice a year.

'm sure the some country fairs around there must have them. It is the South, afterall.

oooo Demo Derby :-)
yes, smiles_sweetly=redneck :-p

h, most of us have an inner redneck about something. Guess I found yours. :)

Demo derbyyyy, babyyyyyyyyyyy!

Now that's a good time, right there.

hey are a lot of fun. Especially the large car classes that have all the horse power, mass, and those huge V8 engines that sounds so great.

(Deleted comment)
YOU MONSTER! You killed a Ford Granada for it's rear end?? Evil! Couldn't you get a 9" rear from a Versailles instead?! That 9" was probably coupled to a 351 sleeper!

J/K. The Granada happens to be one of my favorite cars, which is laughable, yes, I know.

great advertising from your bro.
Demo Derby is always a bit of fun. I haven't been to one in a while now though.


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