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brokedown, YES AGAIN

omething gave in the transmission this morning and I have no power. The drive shaft doesn't even turn. Looks like I'll be sitting in the Winston-Salem, NC area for a bit. Grand total? I made it about 800 miles from my last breakdown. Hopefully it won't take nearly as long as last time. One of the things which made that last break down so long was that the truck was in po-dunk Mississippi in a shop that was only open Monday-Friday from 8-5. Hopefully being in a major urban area, not to mention a heavy trucking corridor (I-40), I'll get in a shop that's open 24/7 and get this resolved in 24-48 hours. I was hoping to make it farther north to pickup welfy before either breaking down again (which I was half expecting) or making it out to Omaha to put it in the fleet-owner's shop for repairs, that way at least we'd be together for the time I was sitting. Of course, the fleet-owner is only going to authorize the very minimum of work with the intent of still getting it to Omaha for the additional work. This is just a delay in the game plan, not a revision of it.

So I got to sit for a few hours this morning. Fubu seemed to enjoy the break, too.

fter considering the results of the poll earlier this week (and in spite of them I should add) I am tinkering with THE STYLE some, both in the manner it is executed and the application of it. This is partially due to some valid points which were made in the discussion of that poll in addition to some of my own issues with the way I've gone about it in the past. To summarize, here's my intent:

1) The general look of my journal will remain the same; the font will be roughly the same size with a scripted cap utilizing an image file. It's my journal, I want it to look a certain way and overall I'm happy with it, as are a majority of you. What I will be changing, however is the technical way in which I achieve the font size. It will no longer be hard set at 12 pt, favoring a relative setting. The way it looks on your f-list will now be somewhat dependent on the the settings for your LiveJournal style, but more than likely, it will look the same unless you just have a ridiculously small font size for your base.

2) I will discontinue the use of the scripted cap as well as the raising of the font size in comments in friend's journals, but will continue to do so in my own and in communities (depending on the background). I will, however, continue using Palatino Linotype for a font face in all cases. Those of you who don't have it installed for various reasons, I presume it will be whatever the default face is for your machine. I may decide to still use a larger initial cap letter in friend's journals (I'm still wrestling with this one), but if I do it won't be through the use of an image file. Frankly, it's always irked me that due to the settings most of us employ in e-mail (myself included), images aren't automatically downloaded. Additionally, they disappear into backgrounds which are black. Those of you that get text-only e-mail, it'll still look a little funky, but not with nearly as much HTML code as previously.

he SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge has been a reasonable success so far, I think. While it would've been nice to have been inundated with so many photos that it would take me all summer to post them, I'm still really pleased with the number I've gotten, and continue to get. I would like to continue getting them. If you haven't, please consider it and send it may way. There ARE some of you who have hinted at maybe sending some but haven't yet (coughlowercasedeecoughdelicarosecough). I'd also like to see some from more of the guys. Today's legs photo comes from mystryloca, that is a simple set up, but a very intriguing photo. I'm starting to think I have a bit of a foot/ankle fetish.

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Yikes... did you end up getting a lemon, or are these kinds of problems pretty typical when you've got something that's used non-stop like a truck?

ddly enough, it appears that this and the other transmission trouble aren't inter-related at this moment. But I'll know more by the end of th day.

To answer your question: part of it is due to age, but I'm also pretty sure that part of it has to do with poor upkeep on the part of the fleet owner. Sure, small things should be breaking on a truck this old, but the transmission and engine both have some warranty left on them. I don't think the fleet-owner had this truck "road ready" when I picked it up. I think they threw some new rubber on the wheels and stuck me in it. Then when these various small things do break they go out of their way to fix it as cheaply as possible then try to get it to Omaha where they can do the work themselves, rather than have it fixed right the first time on the road. It's maddening, to say the least.

I love those shoes!!!!

Where did she get them? Ask her for me?

I'm assuming she'll eventually see this and can answer you herself. But if not, I'll try and remember.

That's funny you would use that icon.

I just bought the three disc Brat Pack collection yesterday.

John Cusack is teh sexy.

Cusack is the man. It's funny, that, of all the 80's Brat Pack that he would be the only one with an enduring career. He's not even that gifted an actor really; he basically has been playing the same two characters for over 20 years, both of which are very close to his own personality I'd assume. But he's made great choices and didn't make compromises early in his career. I think he's a great case study of personal integrity, one which a lot of teen actors would do well to observe.

What's your favorite of the Brat Pack era? And you can't choose Breakfast Club. ;-)

My favorite?


I would say, that I liked Say Anything the best,
but to be fair, John Cusack wasn't one of the Brat Pack.

It would have to be St. Elmo's Fire or
Pretty in Pink. You seen both those?

I think he's a great case study of personal integrity, one which a lot of teen actors would do well to observe.

You know, I completely agree.

The only actor who's come close, in my opinion, to who John Cusack
portrayed in a lot of his movies, is Ethan Embry.

You seen Can't Hardly Wait?

I've made a comment to another LiveJournal John Cusack lover,
that he seemed very.....Lloyd Dobler-esqe in that movie.

What do you think?

Have I ever told you that I read in Playboy several
years back, when John Cusack was interviewed by that
magazine, that John is a chain smoker.

Kind of brought the sex appeal down a notch for me.

You can use the scripted cap in my journal. I think it's cool as hell.

nfortunately it's pretty much an all or nothing prospect. I might be able to remember some people that don't mind and those who do, but I'd never remember everyone and I'd be afraid of mixing it up. But maybe I'll remember that you like it and throw a scripted cap in a comment to you every now and then. :)

(Deleted comment)
here are still apparently some flaws in the design. I'll keep tinkering with it. If worse comes to worse, I will go back to a hard pt setting, I'm discovering that LiveJournal's handling of font size through styles is considerably unpredictable. At least with a hard setting, I know everyone sees it the same size. :)

it's small on mine, too. not that i am complaining, mind you. just letting you know it's not just you.

Dude, now your font is like 3000-pt. in my journal. Bug

hich is why my letters have drop shadows. So they work on any backgrounds. But then again, so far I'm the only person I know who has used a lot of pink.

Working on it. It's a memory thing. Maybe this weekend.

've thought about two-toning the letters with highlight around the edges, but that's entirely too much work. ;-)


check it out- one of mine- Driver isn't good- I don't know what you believe in but please say a little something for him- we all are --

hat's awful. Sending good vibes his way.

You've gone to weeny point size on my fp now. But's that's ok - I have the one button click techmolology that can make it bigger again next time you write an epic.

As for the disappearing scripted caps on dark backgrounds, there is something you can do to fix that, though it will necessitate redoing all your little gif image files. You could put a fine white stroke around each letter. It won't show up on a pale background - only a dark one. The letter will look otherwise normal and will stop disappearing into the black.

I forget what I did here. I think it was a 1pt stroke, but you could go finer, right down to .25.

've thought about doing something like that, and maybe someday I'll get around to it, the problem is, I'm just REALLY REALLY lazy most of the time. Actually, that's not accurate, while I am lazy, there just always seems to be something else to do when I have extra time that interests me more than dressing up 26 letters. ;-)

did I say jinx ??

Good luck dude


es you did, so obviously this is all YOUR FAULT.

uh uh, hell no. I'm not your wife, therefor I have absolutely no fault in this in any way shape of form.

Hopefully it all gets ironed out once and for all though, perhaps when the driveline gets fixed might be an idea to go over the entire unit ? From Bearings to bush's??



And maybe I'll have to hunt down a pic featuring my own. I know I've got ones from group shots...

h cool... WRESTLER'S LEGS!

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