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say that you'll be mine, baby all the time

hile I may not have been working very much, welfy and I have been busy visiting with LiveJournal friends. On Tuesday, we met with navygreen, her husband and their two kids here in the Omaha area. On Wednesday, we drove down to Kansas City and visited with one of my bestest friends in the whole world justamy and got to meet videoleslie as well. I met Amy online in an IRC chat room about ten years ago, making her one of my oldest and longest friend that I met as a result of these here internets. There's no doubt that she's the dearest.

Yesterday afternoon, the work was completed on the truck. I have a brand new transmission, a new starter, and a new water pump. It seems to be running rather well, but I think the water pump might not have been the only thing causing the over-heating, as last night it boiled off some coolant yet again. It doesn't appear to be as near as bad as it was before, though. It's possible that they just over-filled it. I still suspect there's a thermostat/sensor problem somewhere, but at the moment, I'm so tired of sitting it's not something I want to put it back in the shop to rectify. It's something I can have looked later.

In other truck news, I signed the papers yesterday to begin the lease/rental agreement, so all of the financial responsibility for the truck has now shifted to me. With all of the work done on it this past week, I'm rather confident that I've got a fairly decent truck. I know things are still going to fail, as it is a used and aging truck, but with what seems to be a solid motor and a brand new transmission, the things which fail in the future should be relatively minor.

egs! Legs! Legs! Legs! I'm having so much fun with these legs pictures. Keep sending them! Today's legs come from new friend betawriter, though I've been livejournal.friends with her baaaaaby animals lovin' boyfriend joeyhemlock for a few years now. She decided to go with a dark and moody bathtub shot, resulting in a slick, wet and shiny look for her legs. Yow!

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Nice legs! I like the slick look.

Where are joeyhemlock's legs????

There will be legs pictures taken this weekend. If he'll let me.

Are those your legs in your icon? Because if so, then....damn. Rawr.


ortunately for me, those are her legs, and in this icon as well. Rawr, indeed!

Aw, I'm flattered! Yes, those are mine. Here's the full-size version. The picture's a couple years old but the legs look pretty much the same. :^)

I look forward to the joeyhemlock legs!

just wanted to say that yours may be my favorite set o' gams yet.

i agree...and the bathtub is not too shabby, either.

hat's what *I'm* wondering, too. C'mon joeymark, give.it.up.

They're in my pantlegs, actually.

And on a completely related yet different subject...

So, I have all these questions I'm dying to ask someone (frakkin ANYONE!) who wouldn't mind my harassment pertaining to the trucking industry/lifestyle/etc. Any chance I could pester you with this?

Re: And on a completely related yet different subject...

o right ahead. There's a pretty good chance I've already written about it at some point and can just link you to an entry. If not, I'll answer it if I can. :)

Re: And on a completely related yet different subject...

Well, in a nutshell, my best friend is getting himself ready to head to school next month, followed by a contract to a company (who, conveniently, are paying for his schooling) for about 8-12 months.

He's married, has a kid (an 11 year old, who, even when he's home has attention issues), and basically a pretty stable home life.

Personally, I tend to think the pessimist's side of things first, so I've thought this to be a pretty bad move. I mean, he'll be home one week a month, he has a REALLY bad back (and sitting that long just couldn't help it, in my head), and of course, the family.

Just curious, in your opinion, does the pay make up for the lack of home time? Does the riding take a physical toll?

I guess I'm looking for some sort of info, either to tell me to support him, or to use to try to talk him out of it.

Re: And on a completely related yet different subject...

I'll talk about the physical toll, first since the easiest to answer. It took a couple of weeks for my back to become accustomed to the sitting, but then again, I came from a job where I was on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. That said, driving a truck is nothing like driving a car in terms of comfort. You're sitting in a full, upright position with your feet going to the floor like a normal chair rather than a passenger car's low-to-the-floor design. The seat has a high back with adjustable lumbar support and has air-suspension providing a smooth ride.

As for the pay versus home-time question, that's a very subjective question and one which is different from person to person. I don't know his financial needs, his ability to earn in other fields, etc. The only advice I can offer is that truck driving is as much a life-style choice as it is a career and it is the lifestyle which typically is the deal-breaker for new drivers, not the money or the work itself. The money can be great and the work is relatively easy, but if he wants a home life, this is not the way to do it. There are certainly lots of guys with wives and kids at home out here doing this, it just depends on the individual I guess. But if he thinks he's still going to have any semblance of a home life and/or social life, he's sadly mistaken.

Re: And on a completely related yet different subject...

Thanks so much!

Yeah, I know right now he has the idea that he going to get to see the country, take pictures of everything he can (he's a photographer, so that's a big appeal to him), and that having a home life won't be a problem, since he's going to have a cell phone and internet access via his laptop and a mobile card.

Personally, I just tend to doubt ANY of those working out how he thinks they will...but, again, pessimist.

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