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it's a good a place as any to go and die

fter bringing a run up the coast to Oregon and then Washington, we're now working our way back east to Michigan where we have to be by Tuesday morning. One thing interesting about this trip is that I will finally visit the only state in the continental U.S. that I have been missing for the past 4 years: North Dakota.

Your momma said I was a loser, a dead end cruiser...

Legs from down under, courtesy of hairy_canary. Holy moly!

Zzzzzzz. Like, now.


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been listening to Social Distortion havent you?

And deep inside I know that she was right.

Re: been listening to Social Distortion havent you?

That song, anyway.

Those are some of the coolest stockings I've ever seen.

I'm glad you left this comment, because I had totally forgotten that you had sent me a picture. I've been saving them all in a directory on my laptop as I get them but for some reason I had neglected to save yours. I hunted it down though. Never fear!

Cool. Although mine was a more casual photo than the posed sexual chocolate-ness of the other ones I see here, thanks for the compliment. :)

is the color on the hose and the shoes photoshopped or real?

also what i was wondering..

Psssst. In case you're wondering, I'm saving the best for last. ;-)

If the best is for last, what does that make me?

It's real. I likes me a bit of red,I do.

Still waiting on the Carlos/Sarah legs...... ;-)

that may take a while. carlos is a notorious procrastinator. do we have a deadline or can we send them whenever?

You can send them whenever. There's no time frame or nuffin'.

I know about the procrastinating. I'm awful about it, too.

North Dakota WHAT??? Where!?

I'm comin' across I-94 today, including the entire width of North Dakota. Not sure exactly how far I'll make it, but it'll be somewhere just.short of Minneapolis.

I'm right on the border of ND/MN in Fargo

We're about 100 miles from Fargo and closing in. It's um, about 5pm local time. If you get this in the next little bit, comment back here or in Welf's journal. She hsould be online now that we have internet access back. Maybe we could do dinner or something. We wouldn't be able to hang-out too long though. I need to get the last 130 miles or so done before my hours run out. :)

Also, if you have AIM, my name on there is EulalieCrow.

So I became involved in a little romance not so terribly different from your own and I ended up in a hotel just off I94, actually. I could see where you guys would drive through from the window...BUT when we got to the hotel, we couldn't get a connection on his laptop until it was like 8 pm and I was sure you guys had long passed :(

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