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(no subject)

ite me, Chicago.

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had to do that shit three times a month.
(but i'm drinking wine on my comfy chair at home so secretly i'm grinning)

I don't go to Chicago nearly as much as I did when I was hauling cabinets, which I'm thankful for. Chicago's just EXTRA FUN right now where they decided to tear-up every single tollbooth simultaneously for the "open road tolling" improvements. As if the Chicago expressways weren't enough of a clusterfuck already.

Of course, it didn't help that I hit the 90/290/355 succession of interchanges a little after 4pm and heading southeast across the 'burbs toward Indiana. Grrrrrr.

Yeah, exactly.

Now the important question: did you mean consecutively or concurrently?

chicago does suck ass for deliveries..

Or for that matter, for pass-throughs. Except at about 2 in the morning.

I attempted traversing 80/94 one night around 1am.

From the 65 interchange to the 294 interchange (17 miles), it took me an hour and fifteen minutes.

Can't stand driving through that city. On the other hand, I drove through Minneapolis/St. Paul's morning rush hour on I-694 without a single backup or slow-down.

I don't know why the Chicago Tollroads insist on tolling in the flow of traffic and creating so many un-necessary bottlenecks. I wish IDOT would turn I-294 into a TURNPIKE, take out about half of the exits, and make it actually useful to move north/northwest across the city.

Minneapolis has traffic, but it does tend to flow.

I've heard IL is putting in full speed toll lanes now at least?

Yeah. They're about half-installed right now. In some of the busier sections of the tollroad there are three lanes devoted to open road tolling which go straight through and the cash lanes have to leave the highway and merge back in. Right now everything is a mess because IDOT, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do ALL the tollbooths at the same time all over the city. So every tollbooth is a confusing mess of shifting lanes and poor signage, you know, kinda like it usually is, just worse. It's supposed to be completed by the end of the year. It'll be interesting to see how much it helps. The problem is, give Chicagoans a reason to change lanes for anything and you get 2-3 mile traffic backup. So I'm not so sure it will.

yeah.. That is one thing I loved about the OK turnpike.. just keep rollin through..

Impressive. I generally consider 694 to be the worst freeway in the cities. I will ALWAYS take 94 over 694- especially going east. That 694/35e split is KILLER.

Your lucky you got out when you did.

Cheney was in Minneapolis today and the secret service Dicked up traffic all over.

It was great meeting you guys.

I sleep now.

Hey! Bite me and Chicago should not be in the same sentence!

(Deleted comment)
Hehehe. I'm well aware of it. And there's loads of truckstops for parking and meeting-up with people. Unfortunately, time is not on my side at the moment. I had to get on down the road and get as much under my belt as I could. Even if it's only another 50 miles down the road. My dispatcher has already bumped the time back an hour on this load I'm taking to Michigan because of my slow trek across Chicagoland.


Then again, I hate that area, too. Every time I drive from here (Chicago) to Raleigh, NC, I hate hate HATE that part.

And NO FAIR not stopping! You have a fan base here! (if by fan base you mean joeyhemlock and I...)

Eh, stopping wasn't really a possibility unfortunately. Leaving Seattle on a Friday afternoon and being in the Detroit area on Tuesday morning is a pretty tight squeeze.

I have nothing against the citizens of the greater Chicago area. I just hatehatehate driving in Chicago. All time, #1, most-hated place to drive into or through, period. Blech. And that's really the problem, sometimes there's no choice but to go through. There's no way around.

And then there's the brilliant people at IDOT and their construction planning and execution. Wheeeeeeeee!

I know that driving a leeeetle tiny car I hate it, but I would have thought that giant trucks would be different. At least you don't have stupid little cars zipping around you, cutting you off and expecting a ginormous billion-ton vehicle to stop on a dime....

...oh wait.


Hey! Home town here! Wazz yerzelf.

Right. And I bet when you make the drive home for a visit your can't WAIT to get on the Chicago Expressways! Highlight of your trip! You start getting goosebumps when you see the Merrilville exit in anticipation of the US6-30-41/I80-90-94-294-55-57-65 convergence within a 20 mile stretch! Wheeeeeeee!

Yeah, that's about how I feel about the place as well :o/

And Melanie wanted ME to DRIVE to Chicago. Ha! Haha! Hahahha!

I would give anything to be in Chicago at this moment.

Chicago isn't that bad it's got... Traffic and ... umm... MORE traffic. And uhhh... That's about it.. Hell you're right Bite me Chicage, Bite me for the past trip and the one I'll make tonight.

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