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fter spending most of yesterday fighting the traffic in the Chicago area, I finally made it to Newport, Michigan around 9:30 this morning. With all the driving I've done in the past two weeks, my 70hr is pretty much shot. In fact, I only have 1.25 hours left and I'm only gaining about 4 hours tomorrow. Which is why dispatch is giving me until 5am Thursday morning to get to North Wales, Pennsylvania just outside Philadelphia.

So I had a pretty short day and will again tomorrow. For tonight, welfy and I are holed-up in the truck about halfway between Toledo and Detroit. Earlier this afternoon, we were able to meet-up with bustednut, aka Greg. I became acquainted with Greg a couple of years ago when he was dating an old IRC friend of mine. He's no longer dating her, but we've remained good friends and in the past year, he and Welf have become really close as well. He made a roadtrip to visit with her in New Castle a few weeks ago. He had been toying off and on with the idea of being an over-the-road trucker for a while and just in the past couple of weeks was hired by a small outfit based in Ontario, Canada. This week marked the occasion of his first solo trip and as chance would have it, he was entering the country via Detroit this morning, bound for Minneapolis. We got to hangout with him for a couple of hours at the truckstop here in Monroe.

In honor of this occasion, here is a photo that Greg sent me for the SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge a couple of weeks ago. So today's legs will be his.

Tags: gams, travel
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