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t was becoming apparent that I wasn't going to make it to North Wales, PA by 5am this morning. With the cross-country trek, my driving hours have been exhausted. Commercial drivers can only work 70 hours in an 8-day period. This is the part that was killing me. I had enough hours to make it to welfy's part of the world so I brought it this far and Werner decided to re-power the load with another truck.

Since we were planning on coming here this weekend for her brother's graduation and rather than have a daily fight with my 70-hour for the next two days, I decided to go ahead and take the next few days off, get a 34-hour reset completed, and hopefully get back on the road Sunday morning. For those of you who follow Welf's journal, you know that she's doing a much better job of documenting our road experience, as she has lots of time on her hands right now and I haven't. Hell, I haven't even gotten the photos off my camera from when we were in Los Angeles over a week ago. Maybe sometime today or tomorrow I'll write something of a bit more substance.

The legs of the day come courtesy of sexion8. Hubba, hubba.

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