It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

gonna show you what I'm made of

esterday, I forked out some cash to have my truck washed during some down time in southern Pennsylvania. It was all pretty and shiny. Then I went across the street to fuel. While doing so, I checked the oil and upon seeing that I was low, proceeded to fill it with a half gallon of motor oil. Later that evening, I headed for West Virginia to pick up my load, then headed across the mountains toward Columbus.

Imagine my dismay when I stopped for the night near New Stanton, PA to discover this:

In a brilliant display of absent-mindedness I had neglected to put the cap back on the oil pipe after filling it that afternoon. The hard-driving necessitated by pulling a 43,000 pound load over the mountains for three hours had caused quite a bit of back-wash of oil to be thrown upward out of the pipe. The entire left side of the motor is coated in oil. I got her washed again this afternoon, but there is still oil flying out from underneath the hood from the nooks and crannies. It'll be a while before that dries out.

Way to go, me!
Tags: truckgeek

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