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LiveJournal friends tour, 2006

o prove a point about how busy I have been, and why I haven't felt much like fooling with LiveJournal this past week, I'll explain something about commercial driving hours. An over-the-road trucker can only work 70 hours in an eight day period. This is not only time spent driving, but time spent fueling, dropping trailers, load/unloading, etc. I began driving last Sunday evening.

Today is Sunday, or Day Eight.

When I began driving this morning I only had 5.5 hours available to me. So I'm sitting in Toledo waiting for midnight when I can work again. At midnight Central Time, I will regain 5.75 hours, the amount of time I worked last Sunday night prior to 12 o'clock. I'm en route to the Washington, DC area where I have to be by Tuesday morning. The plan is to drive to New Castle, PA in the morning and spend the day around welfy's house. She's going to get off the truck there and begin packing for the big move and will meet me in Kentucky next weekend. I'm going to then take a week off from work while getting settled into the new place.

he past month has been a whirlwind of travel, sights, and meeting new people. We were afforded the opportunity to meet a lot of LiveJournal friends along the way. In every case, the meeting involved food. This is mostly for me, and includes some photos, so I'll cut it to spare you if you're not interested.

While having the truck worked-on in Omaha at the beginning of the month, we spent a day with navygreen and her family. We had lunch at Amarillo Barbecue and got to drive around Offut Air Force Base where her husband is stationed.

I even took her sons for a ride in the truck.

The very next day, we rented a car and drove down to Kansas City where I got to meet with my dear friend (and Welf's mutual livejournal.friend) justamy. We went for dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, Genghis Kahn, a Mongolian barbecue place that Amy and I go to a lot when I visit. I also got to meet videoleslie that night, who joined us for dinner with her boyfriend. After dinner, Amy, Welf and I went shopping at Barnes and Noble and window-shopped the uber expensive boutiques nearby.

After spending a day in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles we met _likelife at his home in Redondo Beach a little south of the city. He took us down to the waterfront where we had a late-night meal at an Irish pub and took a stroll on the pier.

By chance, when coming through St. Cloud, Minnesota we had an opportunity to meet-up with imthjckaz. He took us to Perkins' for a late-night meal, letting us get out of the truck for a couple of hours and eat something other than truckstop food.

After making a delivery in south Detroit, we met bustednut who was making his first solo run for a new trucking company. He was in transit from Toronto to Minneapolis and we got to hang out with him for a couple of hours at a truckstop in Monroe.

Last weekend, Welf went home for her brother's graduation and I got to visit with ladydreamfire who I had met on a previous occasion. She and cyperwolf accompanied Welf and I for dinner at TGI Friday's in Boardman.

That next day, I got to meet smiles_sweetly and watch her graduate from Westminster, along with Welf's brother nebreztnem and her ex-boyfriend Chad (who I didn't meet, heh).

After making a delivery at O'Hare in Chicago, we met with kuiamalynne and her husband hisexcellencyq. We had the awesomest Italian food at a place called Maggiano's followed with shakes at Steak n Shake.

While in St. Paul, MN this past week, we got to meet with cryslea and her husband the_elephant. They took us to this awesome country/homestyle place called The Machine Shed for dinner.

Whew! I don't think I missed anybody.

inally, since I've been lax in keeping this up for the past week, here are TWO gams pictures to get you through the long holiday weekend. The first is the green-toed wineroom.

The other is a manly fetish photo of the one and only hockeyfag.

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