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i hit the bullseye every night

Some gams....

Mad props to fairymelusine for pulling this off at work.

As you may have guessed from the first photo, it's a hard life being my kitty.

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Why does she look ten times fatter than the last time I saw her, like a few days ago?

It'll be nice to pet her again. She's my teddy bear.

She always looks fatter when she's one her back like that and her belly i sticking out.

Kinda like me.

I'm okay with her being fat as long as

1) it doesn't negatively affect her health
2) she doesn't eat my future puppy

Nah, you actually look skinnier when you lay down. The belly sticks out most when you wear your seatbelt while driving :^)

Kitty looks cute and happy- I just had a scare with one of my "kids" but everything on that front is ok- Kitty looks so happy... how does kitty like the truck?

I should add you to my friends list. You have the PA accent, you work with truckers, you like cats...and I have a few Fubu stories in my journal. :^)

She rode with me for almost two years before I began training. It took her a while to get re-adjusted with living in the truck but she's as used to it now as she ever was. She likes being a truck kitty. I'm gonna miss having her in the truck with me when I head back on the road after the move and leave her with Welf.

OMG, I miss the kitty!! Such a good kitty!

I love cute cat pictures! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day =)

I always tell her that she's cuter than any one cat ought to be and that somewhere in the world there must be some really ugly kitties.

prettykitty.. but what kind of truck is it?

I posted some photos and a small movie about it when I got her, but maybe you missed it. It's a 2001 Freightliner Century Class.

I just started with CRST, im either gonna end up with a International, or a Freightliner Century

I don't think I've ever driven an International. My brother loves 'em.

As a trainer and a recent owner/op, you can't beat the Century for space and fuel economy. It's not the most attractive truck, but it's practical and functional.

I really need to get around to changing my "truck" icon.

did mr. landlord call you? just curious... he's at the house working today, if you get a chance I'd call him. K?

ya'll have our numbers if you need us right? if not email me. :)

I called him last night actually and left a message on his machine. He hasn't returned it yet.

I won't even get home til Saturday night or Sunday morning as it stands, so in all reality, I probably won't make it to Frankfort until Monday.

That IS an adorable cat...I hope I never get too old or too cynical to say "awwwww".

If I ever stop finding kitties cute, someone please shoot me.

all i want to know is how she pulled that off at work, without someone looking and asking what she ws doing. I know would

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