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The Soopawelf Homestead

he past week has been filled with lots of moving, sorting, organizing, and assembly. Now that most of it is done, welfy and I are starting to settle into our new digs. Welf ran around for a while yesterday afternoon snapping photos of the place. I'm sure she'll eventually post a similar entry for her journal, but she's feeling a bit under the weather today so, opportunist that I am, I figured I'd beat her to the punch. Welcome to my tour of the Soopawelf Homestead.

It is a duplex in suburban Frankfort. This is the side we don't inhabit. Our neighbors goingincirclez and mix3d3m0ti05 live there.

We live on the other side, with the bitchin' driveway and garage, much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of our automobile gearhead neighbor.

From the driveway there's a small set of stairs which lead to the front porch...

...and there's also an exterior door leading into the basement.

The front door of the house leads into the the living room. Between my brother and parents giving us things, we were able to furnish the house almost entirely. This chair and couch were freebies from the 'rents and the end tables which flank the sofa as well as the lamp were my brother's.

There are double windows which look over the driveway and street. The TV and stand were yet another gift from my brother.

From the living room, there is access to the kitchen and a hallway which extends the length of the unit providing access to the bedrooms and bath. The kitchen is spacious by most measures, with a dine-in area at the end closest to the living room...

..and a doorway at the rear leading to deck.

The next photo is taken from the opposite end of the afore mentioned hallway, looking back toward the kitchen where you can see the table. The doorway on the left leads to the basement. Just in front of it, you see a small branch off the hallway which leads to the bathroom, both of which we'll see momentarily.

From this vantage point, the dooways to the two bedrooms are on either side of the hallway. To the right (toward the front of the house) is the room which we've decided to make our bedroom. From the doorway it looks like this:

Reverse angle:

Alternate angle:

On the other side of the hallway toward the back of the house is what is becoming Welf's office/creative room. This room will provide her additional closet space in addition to storing her books, computer, and art supplies. It currently has a desk..

...and a bookshelf.

And this is the upstairs bath.

As mentioned previously, there is a stairway in the hallway leading to the basement.

The basement is partially finished, providing another room which the landlord is in the process of recarpeting. When it's completed this is going to be my space. A guy's space. Welf and I have a deal, she can do whatever she wants with the upstairs and the downstairs will be a He-man Woman Hater's Club of sorts for gaming, smoking, drinking, card-playing, etc.

There's also another full bath downstairs...

...complete with washer and dryer hookups, these appliances another lovely gift from my brother.

The other half of the basement contains the garage...

which has a ton of storage space. There is a huge workbench table. Down the left side are two more huge closets like upstairs and down the right side is a nook filled with shelving.

The backyard is nice, too. The space under the deck is concrete with doors leading into the basements of the respective apartments.

Unless GIC has plans for that spool, that's totally going in the guy room. The yard itself is shady, private, and cozy.

And there you have it; The Soopawelf Homestead. As you can see we have a lot more space than we'll ever know what to do with so we'd be more than happy to put anyone up for a night or weekend if they wanted to come visit. Maybe sometime this summer we'll have a dinner/cookout/party while the weather's nice and invite everyone we know, local or otherwise.

Last night, Welf and I had dinner with thawaltzingfool in downtown Lexington. I've lived downtown twice, first in college while attending UK then again for about a year after my divorce. I'd forgotten how much I like the general feeling down there. The colorful and quirky blend of people and attitudes. The dinner was sublime as was the company and conversation, and meeting LJ people for the first time is always fun. I hope it's not the last, as thawaltzingfool is every bit as beautiful, charming, and intelligent and I expected her to be.

Last week, before getting h4rdc0r3 with the moving, Welf and I paid our respects to the charred remains of the Tatham Springs Hotel. You can expect an entry about that sometime tonight/tomorrow as well.

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It's cool in that it is blue, which makes it kinda unique, but then again, it kinda forces your decorating into certain colors.

The downstairs bathroom is worse, it's that late 70's Harvest Gold color. Blech.

You guys new place looks lovely. We'll have to come visit soon. I really love the size of it. It's HUGE!

I'll probably be back on the road by tomorrow night, but I'm sure Welf would love to have you guys over some time real soon.

That's a fantastic place! Lots of space and talk about a pretty back yard!

Yeah the backyard is very pretty. The space is unreal. It's more space than two people really need.... which is wonderful!

Wow, what an awesome place! I am so jealous of your basement!

Yeah, I'm gonna love the basement once I get it together. Big screen TV (which doubles as a gaming monitor for the computer), DVD, 5.1 surround sound, wet bar, mini-fridge... RAWR.

you haven't seen GIC's man room yet. I was curious if the cable guys mentioned it today when they were here this am (and if they were same dudes that have been in our basement twice).

It's really coming together, though. I can't wait to get some landscaping projects done.

He didn't say anything about it. Sometime Tony'll hafta give me the grand tour of y'alls basement.

nice me likes...

...ya know it kind of looks like the house Henry Hill lived in towards the end of the movie Good Fellas

At least I think so

I just saw that for the first time (I know, shame on me!) a few weeks ago and... you're right. It does kinda look like his house when he's getting all paranoid and stuff.

Congrats on the new digs!

Thanks. You back home safe and sound?

"...much to the chagrin, I'm sure, of our automobile gearhead neighbor."

I should take this opportunity to remind you: You might have the garage, but just remember which side of the building the water controls are on...


I have this image of you sitting in front of your computer, monitoring secret webcam installations on our side of the house waiting for that moment when one of us is in the shower so you can cut the water off just as we need to rinse the shampoo from our hair.

Congratulations. Very jealous, particularly of the "No Ma'am" room.

Looks like a really great place, with lots of possibility. Nice that you're already friends with the neighbors too!

It was a big plus in considering this place. With Welf moving so far from home, we thought it'd be helpful if she didn't feel so alone after she got here by having neighbors that she already knew.

I'm not going to make any comments about all the lj chatter that seems to be going through the wall. I've sometimes teased some of the local college students because they'll communicate via lj within the same apartment, so I guess a little crossduplex-talk can be excused.

Otherwise, as the guy who's living in the freaking desert, I'm very jealous of your green. I'm about to go out, drink liquor and water my front lawn, but it'll never be as green as yours.

Also, what is is about guys and their spools? I've had so many over the years that my wife won't let me even think about another. When we were kids, they were good for picnic tables and dog houses, but as an adult about the best I've been able to do is a couple of endtable-things for my work area and an old Rob Schneider routine ("You put your weed in here"). She didn't let me take any west with us and since we've been here, whenever I've looked at one, I've gotten the unmistakable evil eye.

So there; I'm jealous of your lawn and your spool.

That's one thing I don't think I could handle about living most places west of the Mississippi. The general lack of trees on the plains and the desert climes which accompany most of the western states is just too drab. I love the verdant southeast, especially this time of year, before it's gotten too humid and nasty.

I don't know what it is about guys and spools. I've never really had a huge desire to HAVE one. But when I saw it sitting there, the gears in my head started turning. SPOOL TABLE!!! YES!

(Deleted comment)
I hope he lets me in the man-room, too, considering I "let" him roam around the rest of the house and I even "let" him have that room. :^P I mostly make that the smoking zone for the sake of my allergic friends and my hyper-sensitive sense of smell (which gets even worse when I'm sick--I could barely stand to have Soop in the room after he was smoking the other day). If I'm outside, I don't mind though.

You can tell me how to grow a garden, because I have no clue how to do any of that but I do love flowers and veggies. And yes, visit!

I had a very nice time, too, and I know Soop did. It's too bad I felt very suddenly sick--and here I was enjoying that coconut cake so much, too!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Really like the new place- that deck will be great for the summer!!
My uncle & aunt live in Frankfort- over by Collins Lane/by pass

I went to UK in the late 90's & miss being in that area-
I love Louisville, but Lex. has a different type of feel
I am there for work a lot - so at least I get to visit on a regular basis

Don't think I have't thought of all the great backyard parties we could throw this summer. And you know, the 4th is coming up. Might just hafta invite anyone and everyone that wants to come, including all our LJ friends. You down?

(Deleted comment)
The power of THE LEGZ was too much for ya. It's understandable.

Of course I want to be friends again. You're one of my favoritest people on LiveJournal. Don't worry about the psycho-babble. It's not necessary.

and I've missed that icon in my life ;-)

Memo to my lover-man:

Landlord is putting in the shelves and closet doors!!! YAY! I may add some photos to the gallery if he finishes them today.

I miss you. I'll try not to fill the house with froufrou in your absence.

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