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tiny tim

hile having the camera out yesterday to take photos of Tim, he inquired about it, specifically whether it was digital or not. He has a laptop with him, so he asked if I would take some photos of him with the truck. Today when we got to our delivery point in Utica, MI he asked if I'd take some now.

He looks so tiny next to that big truck.

spent a good portion of my day riding while Tim drove. With all that down-time, I finally had a chance to sort through the 1,100+ photos that welfy, myself, and a few friends took over the month of May. I decided that, considering the amount of photos, that I would create an online album containing a fraction of them as a representative of our adventure on the road together. Additionally, I uploaded some photos of abandoned locations that Welf and I have explored in the past few weeks. By the time I got them all uploaded and sorted into their respective albums, I stopped to grab a bite to eat and chat with Welf this afternoon. I went to LiveJournal out of reflexive habit to find that my LJ syndication of my gallery had already pulled the feed of the new albums... before I had had a chance to set the highlights I wanted for them. Crikey.

oday's gams are another husband and wife team, stormodacentury and dsptchrgal.

Everybody all together now.... Awwwww. Incidentally, I only have ONE MORE LEGS photo to post unless some of you lollygaggers get on the ball and send me something today or tomorrow. I've been saving my favorite for last.

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Damn, he looks like he's 15:)

It's kinda cute. Little boy driving big truck.. Do you think he's trying to make up for something?

Sooo anyway, what's up?:)


He's been driving commerical trucks since he was 18. He's one of those rare sorts that I think it's just in his blood. He's been aching to drive Class A vehicles, but with the way the industry is, local outfits want you to have experience. The way you get experience is by driving OTR. OTR companies don't need you to have experience, but they require you to be 21 years old. So he's been in a catch-22 situation ever since he was legal to operate heavy machinery.

I shold probably call you one of these days to make up for the two or three times I've missed your calls in the past few weeks.

Actually, (in NYS, at least) you can't hold a Class A license until you're 21.

Yeah you probably should! But, I've gotten used to being the one who is "it" in our phone-tag game:)


whos taller? me or tim?

Tim's taller, but not by much. Between the truck and angle I chose with that picture, he just looks a lot shorter. Most of it with Tim is that he's scrawny. Like, Welf-sized scrawny. ;-)

That is the most adorable picture of Stormo and Ang. Awwww!

I wonder who weighs more, me or Tim. Try picking him up to find out. :^P

he looks like he's about 12.. even looks like kids shoes on his feet :)

(Deleted comment)
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