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ask and ye shall receive

n yesterday's entry I mentioned that I was out of gams photos, except my favorite of the bunch which I've been saving for last. Then yesterday, I was given FOUR new photos. Hellz yeah! This is a fun photo from a relatively new friend, the lovely saraide.

verall, the trek through Chicago wasn't so bad. With the exception of the construction zone on the Dan Ryan expressway, the Windy City was kind to Tim. We made it to Milwaukee about 30 minutes faster than I anticipated. Our appointment is for 8am tomorrow morning, but I was hoping they might be able to take us early. They couldn't and so we've been parked for the night since 4pm. Tim just got back from a nearby grocery store with some food supplies. I just watched him make a bowl of cereal with Half and Half.


t has occurred to me that I never posted the final tally from the Soopawelf Road Trip.

States I've Had Sex In Map

Tags: gams, meme, spoof

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