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Soopawelf Road Trip 2006
s I mentioned the other day, I finally sorted through the 1,000 some-odd photos from the Soopawelf Road Trip in May. I condensed it to 150 photos for the purpose of an online album which I put the finishing touches on last night. For the purposes of LiveJournal, I'd like to condense it even further into about 25 photos, which you can find below the cut. This is roughly a 50/50 blend of photos from my camera and photos from welfy's. I tried to make it not only a representation of the gallery album, but to make it representative of our month together. My hope is that the album and this journal entry convey that essence. If you enjoy it, please check out the entire album.

Soopawelf Road Trip 2006: A LiveJournal Scrapbook

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(Deleted comment)
Aww thanks. It was a lot of fun. Everyone would travel cross-country by auto once before they die.

Yes! I didn't know Gojira had a star. ... I saw a guy the other day with a license plate that said "MOTHRA 1." I laughed.

Yeah, when I saw the star I laughed. And immediately took a picture. :)

The last two sentences of that first paragraph make me want to kill myself.

But that yellow picture is rad. Was that a lot of Photoshop filter action or just a lot of exposure time?

Nope, no filtering. That was taken on the Redondo Beach pier a little south of Los Angeles with a long exposure. All of the street and security lighting in the area has tungsten filaments providing that yellow light and it was so hazy that it was reflecting back and forth between the water, the clouds of the overcast sky, and the smog. The industrial stack billowing smoke was just a bonus. Here's an alternate, less exposed version of that shot as well as view of the shoreline in the opposite direction.

While none of them are as striking as the night-time photos you and I took in Washington (I've been trying to duplicate that in various forms for, what, over a year now?) I also took a bunch of photos of Los Angeles from atop Mulholland Drive.

I recognize two of those pictures as being from your visit here. :-)

Yep! I couldn't resist on the one with Jack and Welf. It was just too darn cute.

Aaron and I were both wondering. Is that a tornado or one of the water spout things? (picture #10) Where was it taken?

I think it was some type of tower in the distance. This was taken when Soop and I visited _likelife at Redondo Beach, near Los Angeles.

makes me want to travel. I like the last one the best. :)

Fabtastic pics!

The one with the 'pet area' sign... does that mean 'an area for letting your pets run around' or 'an area for petting one another'?

(I'm a Brit)

Sadly it means the first. In a perfect world, it'd mean the latter.

What's going on in the foreground of the one with the ducks?

this message will self destruct in five seconds.

i miss you guys way too much.

remmeber me? i had to go under a rock t oavoid the crazies.

the lovely thing is, i'm okay. they're still whatever.

bah! i'll come back soon enough.

oh! i forgot to tell you! i got married.

agent h.

formerly xianxu.

Re: this message will self destruct in five seconds.

I was just thinking about you the other day.

Married? You have my sincerest condolences.

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(Deleted comment)
"OOOOOhh Noo!, they say he's got to go. go go Godzilla!! WOOoooo"</>

That was an amazing month spent with you, and maybe one of the nicest months of my entire life. I look forward to many more months in the years to come. Thank you so much for being you, mister.

I had a blast, too. Write that best selling book and let's just travel the world. ;-)

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