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nothing goes with Saturday morning like cereal.

ave you ever wondered what 10 tons of Fruit Loops looks like?

You can wonder no longer.

There are 24 pallets just like this completely filling the trailer. When I opened the back door, the smell of fruity goodness inside wafted out and about knocked me over. You know, it's Saturday morning and cartoons are on. Now I just need about 50,000 friends.

I can lend you my friends list...um about 400-something people? We'd barely put a dent in those bags!

(Too bad I don't like Fruit Loops)

Considering the cross-pollenation of our LiveJournal pals, that works out to like 50 more people I think.

That is some serious "bulk food"

I was kinda shocked. I knew I was carrying Kellog's Fruit Loops and that I was delivering it to a packaging company, but I didn't put two and two together. I guess I always assumed that the cereal was boxed in the same place it was made and left the plant that way.

ok here is the deal
i'll truck jack you, and shoot a few bullets somewhere around the general area. You will escape on foot unscathed, i'll dump the fruit loops at my place, and go you halves.

Oh...i'll tell you where the truck is after the heat is off...


Sounds like a plan, except for that little detail of us being on opposite sides of the globe.

you're in South metro, eh? Its gay pride today in the big city.

Yeah, just got in this morning from Omaha. I'll be in the city all day delivering ladders to six Menards stores. Dunno if we'll be stuck here for the night or on our way to something else by evening.

Remember those cereal commercials that displayed the complete breakfast? The complete breakfast was, like, the cereal, two pieces of toast, some bacon, a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk? One was left to wonder exactly who was eating this complete breakfast. Andre the Giant?

Now THIS is a complete breakfast. If you could fit a few cows back there, you'd be in business.

PART of a complete breakfast!

I'm only a stone's throw from the dairy country of Wisconsin. I wonder if any cattle rustlers advertise on Craigslist?

(Deleted comment)
That would've been awesome. We could just dump 4 or 5 bags in the top of the tanker truck.

But where would we find a spoon big enough?

Yowza. That's like some kind of horror flick for a dairy cow.

Attack of the Killer Fruit Loops?

Dawn of the Fruit Loops?

Ah, my old white mouse Archie used to LOVE Fruit Loops. RIP, Archie.

And, no, it wasn't the Fruit Loops that killed him. ;)

I dunno, Death by Fruit Loop sounds like a pretty cool way to go.

(i laughed to myself when i saw your icon combined with the words "psycho" and "mom". my mother sticks these mr. yuck stickers on my bad things like thong underwear, cigarettes, and hydroxycut.)

If tv has taught me anything it's that sometime today you'll be colliding with a milk truck!

I seriously can't even imagine what that smells like, though I'm trying..

It'd be like the old Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials. HEY! You got your milk in my Fruit Loops. YOU got your Fruit Loops in my milk!

It was one the best smells ever. The trailer still smelled like it after they took it all out, too.

That is the sexiest thing I've seen all month.

It is pretty damn sexy. Being totally surprised by it was even sexier. I opened to door, the smell hit me and I saw the bags and I just started giggling.

If I had been in my underwear and a TV materialized out of nowhere playing non-stop Scooby Doo episodes, I would've sworn I was in my own personal little afterlife.


I hauled 44k of gummi worms once. That smell cured me of ever eating anything gelatinous for a year.

But cereal smells better at the factory.

Oh wow. Hauling 22 tons of Gummi worms. Did they reefer that? I would think the heat generated in a dry van would ruin them.

Have you ever hauled anything for like Red Gold, or something similar. The smell of all those tomatoes in the plant. Mmmmmm. I always get hungry when I''m around the smell of tomatoes.

Not what I needed to see on my way out the door to grocery shop. Now I'll fill the whole cart with cereal! Yum...

That's why you're always supposed to go to the grocery on a full stomach! That way everything you see is like "blah" and you only get the stuff you really need. :)

Wow that's awesome! I'd love to go jump into a pool of that with soy milk and just eat myself to death until I can't get up.

P.S. I grew up in Lakeville, ew. :P

You'd ruin Fruit Loops with soy milk!?!

Actually, what would be cool would be if like, for some reason you were sleeping in the back of an empty trailer and they didn't see you and loaded it with all the Fruit Loops. After the trailer is shut and sealed, you wake up to the small and the sight of Fruit Loops all around you, and you have to eat your way out to freedom!

(Screened comment)