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random stuff

esterday was a milestone in my journal; it was my 1,000th entry. I had meant to pay more attention and do something special for it, but I guess that's come and gone. Oh well, here's to 1,000 more.

fter some hard driving the past 36 hours, we dropped our trailer in Blaine, Washington on the Canadian border and are now heading for Everett, WA to pick up our new load. We have to have it in Fullerton, California by tomorrow night. Between the two loads, that's 3,000 miles in three days. Considering I'm planning on being home by Saturday, that's going to work out to about 6,000 miles for the week. HELL YEAH!

he truck's been running awesome since I began putting the upper cylinder lube/cleaner in the tanks with every fueling. It's expensive though, at around $11 per treatment. The upside though is that I'm seeing as much as a 0.5 to 1.5 mile per gallon increase in fuel economy. This doesn't sound like much until you consider that a truck gets single digit MPG. That's like, a 17% increase in fuel efficiency. It more than pays for itself with diesel at $3/gallon.

received a comment today on my Tatham Springs entry from someone outside LiveJournal. They informed me at one point that they had been directed to the entry by someone at the Washington County Historical Society. Sweet. I still need to get around to posting an entry about the day welfy and I went out there to survey the remains after the fire.

ore gams! This just never gets old. Submitted for your approval, the stunning rejectcarp.

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*checks current location*
*waves to you!*

wow. what a beautiful picture

Yay rejectcarp!

Such a marvelous person.

hehe, thank you. you ain't so bad yourself.

What about some pug legs?

I suspect the world isn't ready for my slammin' gams.

Why is this girl not on my friends list? She's not only beautiful, but we have quite a few things in common. And I'm jealous that she can rock the short hair. *clicks to add*

I wonder if you would have done anything if I hadn't MENTIONED that you hit 1000 posts. :^) I wanted to do something after 7,500 but then I surpassed it. (Wow, I write a LOT)

I can't wait for cool stuff to happen with your hotel pictures! Love you.

Very happy 1000th to you, internet brother. And indeed, here's to a thousand more. *snorts liquid paper*.

I have a pair of shoes almost exactly like those.

I have a pair of shoes almost exactly like those.

Judging from the pictures you sent me, I'm not surprised.

I'm so looking forward to when you write the entry about the burnt down Tatham Springs, your photo journal entries with historic information are amazing.

Aww thanks. I'm looking forward to having the chance to write about it to. It's just a matter of finding the time.

that's why i refuse to post my legs. she's way too hot to compare mine to.
see how i make even a compliment to another person all about me?

Diesel is three bucks?! Damn. When I had my diesel car it was something like $.30-$.40 cents cheaper than regular gas.

When gas prices first jumped, diesel stayed below them for nearly a year, but they finally caught up and exceeded them. The national average is somewhere near $3; as low as $2.80 in the midwest and as high as $3.15 on the coasts.

Though it's probably not the most politically correct thing to say in this day and age, but when I was a kid and I did a lot of cruising, one or two of my friends would often hang out the window and yell "Look at them hams", when they'd see a pretty girl. The focus of the above picture may be of the gams, but being a guy who tries to look at the whole picture, I was put in mind of this well-meaning comment and I hope to be forgiven for noticing the young lady's spectacular physical attribute.

while we're being shallow pigs

Don't think I hadn't noticed. ;-)

HAMS?! Aw man, if someone compared my legs to big ol' hams, I think I'd be dismayed!

I realize that "hams" could include the upper thigh, but honestly, I was leaning more toward the hindquarters or the pork shoulder.
IOW: It wasn't her legs to which I was trying to pay a compliment. Instead, I was looking a little higher in the photo.

rejectcarp has a very classic look.

She reminds me of one of those Nagle paintings that got popular in the 80s.

Dude. Find that girl and take some pictures of her for me.

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