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i'm fly like an eagle and i drink old crow

got home Saturday night around 6:30pm. Some tentative socializing plans become quickly solid and real when pushmearound and drummerville showed up with supplies for making home-made sushi, with mairondil in tow. We quickly invited goingincirclez and mix3d3m0ti0n5 over to the festivities. A PS2 had been brought along and we played Guitar Hero for most of the evening while gobbling sushi and having good times in general.

On Sunday, welfy and I laid about the house for most of the day. Later in the evening, we went on a casing expedition with goingincirclez for a potential photographic excursion. Still later, we made a brief visit to my parents to retrieve some computer parts of mine which were still there. Upon returning home late that night, plans were finalized for our photographic expedition and bright and early Monday morning, our wheel-man mix3d3m0ti0n5 dropped me, Welf, and GIC at the site.

That's right. An entire, completely abandoned bourbon whiskey distillery. We had Mrs. GIC drop us off because the location, while not terribly secure, was flanked by an active whiskey warehousing property operated by Jim Beam on a portion of the former Old Crow property, as well as a lot of nosy local residents. Parking a car anywhere near there would draw way too much attention. So with backpacks filled with bottled water and food, we set-off on foot from the drop point and found a breach in the fence line. The best we could deduce from the evidence there, it was still used for warehousing as late as the early 90's, but actual distilling of spirits at this location probably ceased sometime in the early-to-mid 80's. In addition to the main distillery building, we had access to four warehouses, three company residential buildings, and a handful of other auxiliary industrial buildings and structures. The three of us spent over 7 hours exploring the site and taking photos.

While I'm sure that I will write a formal entry with photos at some later date, for now, if you're interested in looking through them, the 477 photos I came away from the property with are online in my photo gallery.

'm still getting pictures of gams sent to me, which I LOVE. In commemoration of our little sushi party the other night, here are the legs of mairondil that was sent to me earlier in the week.

As well as a photo of drummerville's gams that we cajoled him into Saturday night.

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I still haven't played Guitar Hero but it looks like SO much fun.


It IS a lot of fun. I was totally hooked. If I break down and buy a gaming console, it's definitely going to be one of the games at the top of my list.

But you don't need Guitar Hero to rock, Pug. \m/

Check out them muscluar calves of Drummerville WOOT!!!

okay sue me, i like my own legs damnit.
at least we dont have to explain the scar, its hardly noticable.

but we'll say it was from Nam ;)

Yeah your 'Nam scar is hardly noticeable. I tried not to emphasize it since we all know how bad you've had it with the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I didn't wanna have any sudden outburts of "KILL CHARLIE!!!!" in my journal comments.

my contribution to your party, since I wasn't cool enough to come.


they're in the trees!!! everywhere!! Charlies everywhere!! KEEEEL THEM!!!

Wow, that building is beautiful. I wanna go explore it. My mission is going to find a old hospital that's falling apart being I wanna be a doctor.

I'm going to look at all the pictures, I'm excited to look!

Just curious, .. what kind camera do you have?

I've a Fujifilm S5100 that I adore. It's going to be hard for me to say goodbye to her when I make the jump to a pro camera. It's served me well while I self-taught myself some of the basics of photography, but I've been outgrowing it for a while now. I'm ready for a camera that allows me greater (and easier) manual control than this one affords me.

I'd be willing to give your camera a home when you get a new one!

no shit...that's just what i was going to say.

Hey, I have the exact same camera! I love it, but the macro leaves a little to be desired. Do you have add on lenses? I will when I have the $$$. I intend to learn manual, but you're right, it is a pain on that camera... not easy to learn manual on.

My dad has an older model that actually does better with macro, but the zoom isn't nearly as nice.

Yeah, the macro's shit. I can never get a decent macro shot with this thing. I don't have any of the add-on lenses. I've always kinda figured that when I was to the point of wanting specialty lenses I was ready for an investment in a pro camera. I don't so any point investing money in what is essentially a glorified point-and-shoot. As for the manual controls on the S5100, it's probably my biggest complaint. I've used the manual controls on other point-and-shoot cameras (like Canon and Olympus) and they're much easier to use than this one. But for the lens quality, it's hard to beat this camera. It's one of the reasons I love it so much.

It does look nice. Yes, I've been outgrown for awhile. I used to have a Nikon Coolpix 4200. Broke it now I have a Nikon Coolpix P2. Saving for a Canon Rebel.
I like the lense on that a lot. :)

I looked through your gallery earlier, right after this post went online. And while I saw a lot of photos and will hold out hope for a narrative, I have to ask if 477 is an exaggeration because I didn't count.

Nope, not an exaggeration. Nearly 500 photos across 11 subalbums.

Which means you can imagine the editing nightmare, as the actual quantity of photos I had to sift through was about 1,600.

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