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Voice Post
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
456K 2:15
(no transcription available)

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Ahh... a classic, I hadn't heard that in years! I think it was on the Dr.Demento 20th Anniversary collection, but I've since lost it.

A Nash Metropolitan would be a fun car to have today.

The horn was a nice touch to your rendition :)

I hadn't heard the song in years either and did it completely from memory and now, with the power of internet lyrics sites at my command and, I realize how awfully I butchered the lyrics. I guess I got the essence of it though. It was one of my favorite novlety songs as a kid, a long with "Junk Food Junkie" and "Ahab the Arab".

(Deleted comment)
Man, you're adorable when you sing. I wish you were my boyfriend!

Oh, wait.


BTW, Fubu pricked up her ears when I let this play.

I miss you, too. Um, I'm not going to call you my daddy though.

Hahah that is wonderful it made me giggle as I was eating my wheaties


For an encore, can we have a rendition of Bitchin' Camaro? :)

i ran over my neighbors

"I just drove it up here from the Bahamas."

"You're kidding."

"I must be, the Bahamas are islands."

*thunderous applause*

*sends a copy of voice post to Andrew Lloyd Webber*

It's funny, I have toyed with the idea of doing something from Jesus Christ Superstar as a voice post. I haven't quite gotten the nerve yet, though, because if I do, it will be be an all-or-nothing performance and I think it's quite apparent that I really am not much of a singer.

you do know my sons name is nash, right?

i forgot to log in...again

that was me. my son is nash

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