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if this is anything like heaven... oh hell yeah!

or those of you who read welfy's journal, you'll recognize this photo. She found this a few weeks ago at a flea/antique/peddler/consignment shop and was so amused by it that she took a photo. I was on the road when this occurred, and upon seeing the picture in her journal, I was shocked to learn that she hadn't plunked down the $9.95 necessary to obtain this quality print of fantastic art.

Naturally, I rectified the situation this morning. It will be one of the first decorations to be hung in "the guy room." The landlord has almost finished laying the new carpet in the basement so I'm hoping that I will be able to start putting things in there next time I'm home. I also bought a nice, sturdy coffee table for the basement that's painted a groovy shade of avocado green; a steal at $18. I might repaint it, but at the moment, I'm thinking... naaahhhh.

keep getting the occasional last-minute gams submission. This coupled with my infrequent posting of late means, I might actually cover most of the summer with this gag. These come to you courtesy of hillarygayle who recently had a "girl's day" out, which included a pedicure.


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How lucky it was still there! I figured it was long gone. :)

Oh, trust me, we had to beat the people with sticks to fight our way to the front of the crowd who wanted this picture. :^P

I never doubted it for a second.

I have got to figure out a way to join you in your No Ma'am room for a drink and a game of cards at least one time.

There's that whole pesky business of flying though, no?

Maybe I'll just rasterize a photo of you and print it out life-size and stick it to the wall.

And I know EXACTLY what photo. Bwahahaha!


For the record, I'm allowed in the "No Ma'am" room whenever I want. I'm just not allowed to exercise any feminine influence or decorations in the room. Which is fine--I have the entire upstairs. I've been good about not making it too frilly. Unless you include decorating the kitchen with chickens as frilly.

Well of course you need access to the "No Ma'am" room. Who else is going to get more beers when they run out down there?

No, I've become more comfortable with the idea of flying in the last few months. The money and the time is the thing, brother.

Incidentally, I see your "rasterizing" a photo of me and raise you a "vectorize."

*le sigh* I so want a pedicure... those chairs are the bomb.... the welf and I should get one of those for a GIRL room.

I have never had a manicure or pedicure in my entire life. Are they worth it? What I would love is a professional massage. :^)

Hm, you know, if Soop is out of town so much, we could always turn his Guy Room into a GIRL Room during the week, and hide everything when he comes home. :^P

yeah, you DO have lots of storage......

Y'all already have a girl's room. The K-I-T-C-H-E-N.


You'll be eating your words once I "accidentally" toss Fubu-poop into your Velveeta Shells and Cheese.


and from what I hear.... you arrange that to certain degree of specific-eee.


Oh Thank God you bought it! I was utterly crushed to learn Welf had not purchased it immediately. That is a total "must have" item. I envy you!

I also really, really hope you're going to hunt down that print of dogs playing poker for your blokes' room. I think it's a must-have companion piece.

While bad taste is certainly a must for anything which goes in the blokes' room, I'm hoping to steer clear of cliche. ;-)



*returns picture of Elvis painted onto black velvet*

I actually have the dogs playing poker picture back in Pennsylvania, but Soop doesn't want it! He's no fun.

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