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three things that move me

As promised, and encouraged, three things which move(d) me.

1. This bronze statue moved me in ways I have a hard time describing. It is located in downtown Cleveland just a few blocks from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is a plaque in the base of the fountain describing the artist's symbolic intent, but it means something a little different to me when I look at it. The artists intended for it to represent man's eternal yearning for freedom or something goofy like that. It is a globe with a man bursting from the top of it, almost exploding from it, rather violently.. Flames lick at his body, engulfing him. When I look at it, I can't decide if I think he's going to make it, or if he's going to get sucked back into the earth. For me I guess it's a reminder of the limitations of man. We strive to explore our world. We long to understand our place in it. We aspire to great things but find ourselves limited by our mortality and the confines of the physical world. All this and more is what this statue means to me and yet I still can never find the right words.

2. The film Little Women. Yes, I know it's a chick flick but the scene where Claire Danes is dying and Winona Ryder comes home from New York and is at her death bed makes me cry. I'm such a softy. No epiphanies with this one, just over-the-top sentimental drama that makes me weep.

3. Slint - "Washer". It's a song. My favorite song, by my favorite band, on my favorite record. It is long, well over 8 minutes long. It starts slow and quiet. The guitars and drums jangle slowly and sloppily. The song progresses and manages to become even more quiet, then builds into a crescendo of distortion-laden power chords and screaming leads. The song doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular to me, but it has the capacity to make me very quiet and listen intently every time I hear it. Sometimes, I cry. And I have heard it many times in the last 10 years since it was released. It is the most powerful song I have ever heard. While there is no substitue for hearing it yourself, I can at least type out the lyrics.

Good night, my love
Remember me as you fall to sleep
Fill your pockets with the dust and the memories
That rises from the shoes on my feet
I won't be back here though we may meet again

I know it's dark outside
Don't be afarid
Every time I ever cried from fear
Was just a mistake that I made
Wash yourself in your tears
And build your church on the strength of your faith

Please, listen to me
Don't let go
Don't let this desperate moonlight leave me with your empty pillow
Promise me the sun will rise again

I'm too tired now
Embracing thoughts of tonight's dreamless sleep
My head is empty
My toes are warm
I am safe from harm

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