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new student, new digs, new gams

his morning I picked-up a new student in Omaha. His name is Steven, an older guy in his early 50's. He's been driving for about an hour now and is doing awesome. He's doing well on the open road driving and from what little I saw of his turning and shifting abilities when we took-off from the truckstop, I think he'll develop rather quickly. I'll try and grab a picture of him sometime over the weekend. He's fresh out of trucking school and doesn't plan to take his mid-training Paid Time Off, so I should have him for the duration of his training. I haven't done a complete training of anyone since Russell, and that was back around Halloween. We're making a short run to Kansas City this afternoon to drop a trailer, after which I'm sure we'll be on our way elsewhere.

n the home-front, the landlord finished installing the new carpet in the basement which means I was able to start putting things into The Guy Room. It needs a better name than that. The Lair? The Den O' Sin? Fortress of Solitude? Maybe something will seem more appropriate once it begins to acquire charm and character. Right now it's still rather bare. I put a futon in there, my groovy coffee table and The Big Ass Ashtray. welfyWelf took a snapshot of me enjoying my handiwork, although the lighting doesn't really do justice to the grooviness of the table.

oday's gams: the lovely and mysterious ninjalicious.

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I dunno about your place, but at our house it's the bedroom that's the den of sin. ;)

Maybe Den O' Vice would be a better descriptor.

I'll be Crockett, you be Tubbs....

...naw, wait, Tubss was cooler, I'll be him.

The bedroom is the room of Polyester Worship and Horizontal Throbbing Teenage Desire...

..or something.

I like the view out teh window.

I actually wish it was a bit more overgrown so that it completely covered the window.

Is you done with the gams yet?

I's tryin to get one of them there modern-like wall-me's for ye.

I have the frog legs, though.

Nope, I still have a few pictures left in my arsenal. But you better hurry!

Yay ninjalicious!!!



I'm going to the zoo on Sunday. Woo!

Looks like a great table! $18 what a steal!

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