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ong time, no type LiveJournalers! I haven't had much to report and have been working my butt off the past two weeks. When do I ever go more than a week without posting? And no one NUDGED ME! I.. I'm just beside myself with heartache and contempt.

I had to break the silence though because I'm excited about a new feature the good folks at LJ are implementing, one I've been wanting for a while. It's currently being tested by Permanent Member accounts, but will be a basic feature to everyone in a few weeks. You will be able to track the comments to an entry, or even a particular thread, in your friends journals and communities, by way of e-mail notification. That way you are alerted when anyone jumps into the conversation anywhere in the post/thread, and not just when they reply to you. It's about time.

Another LJ curiosity I'd like to report is a milestone for my journal. I had planned to make a big deal over the first person who commented on this entry, as it would've been my 10,000th comment, but then I got an anonymous comment to an old photo entry from back in the spring and that kinda ruined it. But whoever comments first I guess will be the 10,001st. so... yay!

he butt working-off has come in the form of lots and lots of miles, to the tune of over 9,000 in the past 10 days. I should get home tonight or tomorrow morning and return to my dear Welf. Her pal and our mutual livejournal.friend erebrandir is going to be coming in from Alabama to spend a few days with us. The three of us have plans to meet-up with yourtourniquet in Newport on Saturday night to see Emo Phillips perform. I got to see him a few years ago in Lexington and look forward to seeing him again. While you certainly can appreciate his humor on a TV screen, there's no substitute for his stage presence. For one, the dude is HUGE. At least, he's a lot bigger than you expect. And then there's the heavy mouth breathing and the spastic body language coupled with the sing-song delivery. For my money, Emo is probably one of the top ten stand-up comedians EVER.period. It should be awesome, and I'll finally have an opportunity to buy yourtourniquet that shot of whiskey I promised her so long ago.

finally saw Casablanca for the first time. I had seen scenes from it countless times or seen/heard it referenced and parodied even more than that. Despite this, after watching it entirely and investing in the story and the characters, I still teared up just a little bit during the final scene at the airport with Bogart and Bergman. I guess this makes me a pussy or something. Peter Lorre was deliciously weird as usual, but I wish he had had some more screen time. I also have been continuing with my Hitchcock immersion, and by chance, I recently watched Notorious, also with Ingrid Bergman just before Casablanca. I've become rather smitten with her. Anyone know of any other good Ingrid Bergman films I should check out?

es, yes, I know, you skimmed all that useless stuff above and came straight to the gams. These dandies belong to insignificantxx.

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