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perfection is my middle name, and whatever rhymes with eloquent

he new week has started with a trip to the Big Apple. We drove all night and hit the GW Bridge at 8am. Lovely. We got our delivery over to JFK and I'm currently waiting to be loaded with my next one, heading for Houston by Friday morning. This is how I like to run. Steve has been progressing nicely and I should have him all finished in under three weeks. I think he's having reservations about it though. After watching me navigate the streets of Queens around JFK this morning, he said "I don't think I could ever do this."

There was a sincerity in his voice that couldn't be ignored. I tried to tell him that it's something that comes with experience, and that as a new driver, his dispatcher would not likely throw him to the proverbial wolves in a place like NYC until he had more experience under his belt, and that if he did, that he was an idiot.

'm nearing the end of my little legs festival, with only two photos to go. While I''ve loved each and every photo I've received, these two edged out all the others as my favorites. One thing that I've found interesting about the whole thing is the variation in presentation. Who knew there were so many different ways to do what was, on the surface, just a simple request; SHOW US YOUR GAMS. The photos began with my own humorous faux glamour shots, to candid, playful, cute, sexy, erotic, and everything in between. Today, we've come full circle. Today I give you the gams of tpbrcombo.

He can rock a skirt like nobody's bidness.

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He has beautiful gams. And much less looks really hot.

1) I LOVE the picture! Way to rock the orange vest, Paul! :^)

2) Bad news: http://welfy.livejournal.com/853724.html?thread=16219868#t16219868
Not sure what happened...no one seems to know. I called his parents but got no answer. :^(

NYC is the big leagues for big rigs. There is a reason big % of driver recruitment ads say, "no northeast" or "no NYC."

Or in the case of my company, they offer "Long Island hazard pay" on top of the mileage rate.

I thought you were dead.

i have been dead inside for the last ten years minimum.

It seems to be going around.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Sorry about your friend.

Miss you cats up north.

Yeah, Welf told me about that because apparently I missed it with my LiveJournal malaiase and all. What's up with that? You better come back and visit.

Safety in separation.
I'll come back for the holidays, I'm sure.

Now. See. Whenever he complimented a leg picture, I thought he was complimenting the actual leg and NOT the stockings! Now, I can see how far away from the truth I was.

Awesome photoshop job! You took it a little too far when you put him in that doofy hat, we all know tpbrcombo would never wear something like that. Nice attempt, though.

I swear I didn't touch that photo at all. Obviously, Paul is all Crocodile Dundee n' shit.

Ha ha, my comment was going to be "nice stereotypical Crocodile Dundee hat, where are his boning knife and boomerang"

The tool for boning is under the skirt, naturally.

my, my, my! what a short skirt! the vest is a nice touch. i might have a vest fetish, fo real.

It is a nice photo, but it doesn't hold a candle to my favorite. ;-)

I've been wondering how many times you'd get a link to your "glamour" shots in. I vote for at least 9 more.

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