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my favorite gams submission
've known yourtourniquet as a livejournal.friend for over two years now, and I count her journal among my very favorites, in fact I've gushed about it in the past somewhat publicly. This past weekend, I was afforded the chance to meet her for the first time and meet the woman behind the words of her journal and the lens of her camera. When I began the SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge, she was one of the earliest submissions; but I've been holding onto it for last. While I've loved each and every photo I've received, this just has... everything. It has a pretty girl with nice legs; it must be nice when you can be your own model! The subject is stylishly presented in a manner which is evocative and suggestive, just bordering on erotic, without being trashy or tasteless. She made great use of less than ideal lighting in a unique location and nailed the composition. I could enumerate the reasons I love this photo all day long, but I'll reduce my blathering and get to the photo save one more thing.

I'd like to point out something in the photograph you might miss with just a cursory glance. A thread through much of Patty's photographs of people, whether it be of herself or other people is that they are almost always doing something interesting with their hands. Consider 4 of her 6 LiveJournal user pics:

The following photo continues in this tradition. I'm going to put it behind a cut due to it's (very mildly) erotic nature. There is no nudity outside of what you would see at the pool or beach, but given the strength of this photo, it would definitely turn some heads in the workplace that you might not want turned. I also wanted to kinda have it REVEALED after you read the introduction. This has been a lot of fun, and no doubt will become an annual summer event 'round here. I posted a total of 38 photos over the course of the summer thanks to you. If you'd like a one-stop place to see them all again, you can just follow this handy-dandy link to my LiveJournal Scrapbook. My thanks to everyone who participated.

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Um, that's one of the most astoundingly beautiful and well composed photos I've ever seen.


Yeah. On the one hand, I hate to say to everyone THIS PICTURE IS BETTER THAN YOURS, but when you look it at it... yeah, it's pretty special.

I personally love all the triangles.

Yeah, that's about all my brain could muster when I saw it, too.

How come we never saw your legs, you sexy mother fucker?

ANd we all win too for getting to see it! Thanks for sharing!


She's beautiful.
And the urban decay-ness around her adds to it for me. I'd LOVE to just lay in a abandoned building and just fuck someones brains out.


how romantic :)

this is why some of us didn't show ours. :)
very good photo, too.

holy mother of god..that was worth saving for last..

aw you are too nice to me.

you're also the first person to notice my hand obsession.

that barn stood just like this for my entire life but has been remodeled in the last couple weeks. i'm glad i got this while i could.

Oh, I know the bittersweetness of having captured something before it disappears or changes irrevocably.

You tipped me off to your hand obsession in a comment to a picture I took of Erin one time. I think it was one of the photos from the cornfield when she has the sheer scarf twisted around her wrists and her fingers are lightly grasping it. You said something like that was the best part of the picture. After that, I just started noticing it in your photographs a lot. :)

Incredible and wonderfully done to be saved for last. She has always been one of my favorites, here, in LJ. Her talent, beauty, soul and heart are wrought and rendered in such beauty that I've even cried before, when I've read her entries.

Pure, raw. Total in her humanity.
Thank you for sharing this of her.

The term "raw" is so over-used to describe anything with an edge that I hesitate to agree with your application of it, but there is no other word I can think of that aptly describes her LJ presence. It's spot on.

I totally adore her.


I'm glad you recently discovered the awesomeness that is Patty. Now you just need to find an excuse to come out here and see all of us. :)

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous and worth saving for last.

I had to glance at her journal after your description, and I have to say she seems just as beautiful on the inside.

She's well worth the add if you can afford the space in your LiveJournal reading, but we all know how that goes sometimes.

Hey! How fortunate that you responded to this. I'm gonna be in Memphis tonight. I'm delivering to the airport in the morning. Right now we're in Little Rock, which puts us about 3 hours out, so it'll be late when I get in. I don't know what kinda hours you and Charlie keep, and being a Friday night, if you already have plans, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm around.

Damned if that wasn't one of the sexiest pics I've seen in a long time.

Wow. Thanks for sharing!

So, for the wintertime, you're gonna have a "Show Us Your Scarf" contest, right?

Because I have a shitload of neat ones, but hideous fucking legs (which is why I never posted any gams).


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