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no one's gonna take me alive

esterday morning, while waiting for our next load in Memphis, I got a chance to meet m0nkeygrl and c_rob. Unfortunately, I only had about an hour before my next load would be ready, so we went to eat a nearby dive called CK's for a nice greasy breakfast. It was great meeting them, and I hope that the next time I'm there I have more time to spend with them.

After loading-up in Memphis, we made a beeline for Columbus, Ohio, where we arrived at 11pm... and have been here ever since. The last full week of August is designated as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week every year, so today marked the first day of it. Appreciate me! The Forward Air terminal we were stuck in had a huge steak barbecue for lunch for all the drivers that were around, so at least Steve and I were well fed. We shagged a trailer down the street from there and are currently waiting to be loaded and taking it to Chicago. I might have time to meet-up with welfy who's passing through here this evening on her way home to Kentucky. We'll see how that goes.

peaking of Welf, my girl's a bit of a fan of the band Muse. She's given me some of their music to listen to in the past but it's never done anything for me. I listen to the alternative/indie stations a lot on XM, and one of their songs, "Knights of Cydonia" has been getting frequent airplay and I've been secretly digging it. This morning, angiewarhol posted the video to it and this video is made of awesome. It's got shaolin martial arts, cowboys, robots, unicorns, laser guns, absurd rock star posturing, a scantily clad blonde chick, sex, and fist fights. In one video, it's a homage to every genre film ever made. Check it out.

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You are duly appreciated.

Boo Muse! Radiohead and Muse fans are supposed to be mortal enemies

but i secretly like them too.

Well then I guess I was destined to like Muse from the beginning, since I don't like Radiohead.


Radiohead = Best. Band. Ever,

way to go on the punctuation there, k-hole.

Mick admonishes you.

But e.e. approves...

We all know how I feel about Mick.

Besides, Brits + blues = crap.

PS - Mick also has worn a pink leotard in public, which obviously renders any argument for him moot.


The first time I saw it, I died laughing. I LOVE this video!

It was great meeting you. I hope more of your travels bring you through Memphis.

I see how it is. I try to get you to like Muse and then you don't give them any notice until someone else mentions them! :^P

I already knew they were Teh Sex.

It had nothing to do with anyone mentioning it, I just heard that song a few times on the radio.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. :^P

Lin, we always appreciate you.

Awwww, thanks. :)

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