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today's entry is brought to you by the letter G
music collection

oday I was thrown a curve ball when, with only 50 hours to go in training, Steve decided that over the road trucking wasn't for him and was getting off the truck in Aurora, renting a car, and driving home to South Dakota. Of course, this maintains the streak of me not training a single student from start to finish this year, for one reason or another.

don't do meme's very often but I'm a sucker for the ones dealing with music and film. I got this one from lucyshoe. She gave me the letter "G" and I have to name 10 songs which begins with that letter without using Google, etc. If you want to play, comment and I'll give you a letter.

"Great Balls of Fire" - Jerry Lee Lewis
"Gone Daddy Gone" - Violent Femmes
"Gloria" - Them
"Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" - Ramones
"Go, Motherfucker, Go" - Nashville Pussy
"Gangster's Paradise" - Coolio
"Green River" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Good Golly Miss Molly" - Little Richard
"Gin & Juice" - Snoop Dogg
"Gett Off" - Prince

Edit To Add: BONUS GAME - I'm going to come to your journals and try to do ten more songs for whatever letter I give you. Additionally, If you can come up with ten "G" songs, leave 'em in the comments here.
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Did you get "g" because you are TEH GHEY?

Har har har. I got "G" for Geel because lucyshoe was correct in assuming the "S" for soopageek would be too easy.

Hey! I have a BIG QUESTION to ask you! Okay, lots of little questions.

My boss and I bat around the idea of getting CDL licenses all the time - we're cut from the same cloth. Only now I think he's less-than-kidding about it. So I told him about you.

1. How much does it cost to get trained?
2. How long is the training?
3. Can you get a CDL license right away after that?
4. Next time you're around here, can I play hookey from work and take a gander at driving a truck?

Okay, #4 isn't really a serious question. EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD BE AWESOME.

1) It varies, but a ballpark is $5,000. Many states have state-sponsored programs where it can be done for a fraction of the cost if not free. Regardless, if someone is serious about it and has or can borrow the money, it's pretty much an industry standard that whoever hires you will pay-off your trucking school tuition. For instance, my company pays their new drivers an additional $100/mo on top of their regular pay, up to $5,000 for payment toward your school tuition.

2) Length of training depends on the school and what you need. There are some the do their classes and hands-on training only in the evenings and on weekends for those who can't quit their jobs while they're training for their new one. These can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. If you're a real go getter and have the luxury of being able to do it straight through, there are greatly accelerated school. The school I went to was one of those: from start to finish it was 16 days, 7am til 5pm every day including Saturdays and Sundays.

3) The objective of trucking school is to get you your CDL, and while I'm sure schools vary, mine took every step to make sure you got it. If after the initial training you failed your road test, you could continue with the hands on training with the next class and re-take it when you were ready/able.

4) It's starting to look like I'm going to stuck in Aurora for the night, so if you're up for little road trip, I'll be sitting here. Additionally, if you ever have a couple of weeks free and wanna hit the road with a trucker, you're more than welcome to come along for a ride. I've taken a few LiveJournal friends on the raod with me. It's always fun.

Seeing as you mentioned my second cousin (Jerry Lee Lewis) give me a letter then. ;)

At least you didn't say Little Richard, because that would mean there's a good chance you're an alien.

"D" is for dancing kitty.

You're in Aurora, IL? You should swing by the public access station and hit up Wayne and Garth!


Heheheh... yeah that's the first thing I told Welf when she logged into AIM this evening... I'm in the hometown of Wayne and Garth!

How did I not remember "Good Morning, Captain" by Slint? OR "Glenn".

"Get Outta Here" - The Emersons
"Go With The Flow" - The Emersons
"Graduating From Rock 'n' Roll High School" - The Emersons
"Grapefruit Diet" - Weird Al Yankovic
"Get Outta My Life" - The Dwarves
"Georgia On My Mind" - Ray Charles
"Get Rhythm" - Johnny Cash
"Girl U Want" - Devo
"Glad To See You Go" - The Ramones
"Guest List" - Screeching Weasel

Hit me.

Screeching Weasel rocks.



and you are a total whore (cue carl)

ps -- what the hell is it about you that makes all your trainees take off?

the smell?

Actually, no one has left BECAUSE of me, thank you very much. Most of them were because they either took a break during training, or I was finishing them up after their break. It's only the last two that actually quit training, both because they decided a trucker's life was not for them.

try me..do your worst.

me being a music major and you didnt say what genre it had to be.. muuhaha

"God" - John Lennon
"Goldfinger" - Shirley Bassey
"Girl" - The Beatles
"Good Times" - Hoodoo Gurus
"Good Times Bad Times" - Led Zeppelin
"God Save The Queen" - Sex Pistols
"Guns Of Navarone" - The Specials
"Gangsters" - The Specials
"Get Off My Cloud" - Rolling Stones
"Georgie Girl" - The Seekers

I was working on another ten when I got this comment from you. I had God Save the Queen in mine originally and had to take it out thanks to you.

"D" is for Donna. And you can't use "do" or "don't". hehehehe.

"Guitar Town" Steve Earl
"Good Day Sunshine" Beatles
"Girl" Beatles
"Got to Get You into My Life" more freaking Beatles
"Going to a Go-Go" Rolling Stones
"Groovy Kind of Love" Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, or the Mindbenders, just not the Phil Collins version 'k
"Go Down Moses" Trad.
"Greensleves" an altogether different sort of Trad.
"Georgie Girl" who was that? Petula Clark?
"Groovin'" Young Rascals

do me!

You get "V". That should be interesting.

You get "W"... and you can't use who what when where or why.

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