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shakedown, breakdown

awoke at 4:30am to finish the drive to Duluth, GA where I was delivering this morning. I pulled onto the interstate and the truck just... stopped. And it won't restart. It turns, but won't fire. I hit a pretty nasty bump merging onto the highway, that occurred at about the same time as the loss of power, but it may just be coincidence. I'm guessing that whatever has been causing the loss of fuel pressure just gave up the ghost, maybe a bad fuel pump? I tried changing the fuel filter, as I had an extra on board, but it didn't help. It just turns and turns, sputters every now and then and keeps on turning.

A tow truck is on the way and they'll be taking me back to Nashville. Freightliner has a 24/7 shop there, so hopefully I'll be able to get the problem resolved quickly. Should be interesting to see what this costs me. I've managed to bank a few grand for a repair fund, so I should be alright. I'm supposed to be going home this weekend. I guess if it's going to be in the shop, and assuming it doesn't cost me a small fortune that would prevent me from spending additional money, I'll probably just rent a car and drive home, then drive back down on Monday night.

First, I was stuck on that damn air cargo account which had me sitting as much as moving. Then I get off of that and Steve leaves the truck. Then I get another student assignment in Atlanta that I was going to pickup this morning and the truck breaks down. Oh yeah, and not one, but TWO trips into Chicago, one to NYC, and one to Atlanta: three cities you can count on being a parking lot anytime of the day (and they were), all within the past ten days.

Geeez, this has been a shitty two weeks. On top of all of that, Welf's past two weeks has been worse than mine. We've been a weird pair; she weepy and sad, me cranky and irritated. Hopefully we can find some solace together this weekend.
Tags: truckgeek

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