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top commenters

'm still at home and the truck is still in the shop in Nashville. They're waiting on a part which should be delivered tomorrow. I've spent the entire week being a bum and hanging out with welfy, hence the lack of anything interesting to update. In lieu of a real entry, here's the top commenters meme. I haven't done it in a while. Here's some interesting facts concerning it:

I've met 16 of the top 20.
I've met 36 of the top 100.
One person in the top 10 didn't comment from 12/2005 to 06/2006.
One person in the top 20 has only left 4 comments since 10/24/2005.
Four people in the top 20 have comments "re-assigned" from previous journal names. One of these people has comments "re-assigned" from three different journals.
There are three husband/wife couples in the top 100.

Top Commenters on soopageek's LiveJournal
(Of users in friends list)
1welfy765 765
2lossfound303 303
3justamy219 219
4evelynnash207 207
5spleazeball190 190
6tpbrcombo189 189
7stormodacentury179 179
8hockeyfag150 150
9atthestarz131 131
10mix3d3m0ti0n5115 115

11goingincirclez111 111
12some_noah109 109
13janietrain98 98
14lowercasedee94 94
15ruxxell94 94
16yourtourniquet87 87
17fujerica87 87
18thawaltzingfool79 79
19saraheback78 78
20mandy_moon73 73
21dragoneletra72 72
22drummerville71 71
23ericexit67 67
24dsptchrgal66 66
25moonpuppy65 65
26vinylflip65 65
27discreet_chaos64 64
28m0nkeygrl61 61
29revsphynx55 55
30bustednut55 55
31lacyunderall52 52
32dividedbyzero50 50
33jenxteen47 47
34democritus46 46
35yshaloo42 42
36mxpwr42 42
37the_fishery37 37
38rasa35 35
39freebyrd197935 35
40tyrolia35 35
41wineandsong34 34
42ninjalicious34 34
43joeyhemlock34 34
44stemware33 33
45hairy_canary33 33
46kristinkay33 33
47huskerdude133 33
48pushmearound31 31
49deviantbreed30 30
50stillimage29 29
51shmigs29 29
52dead_girl_dose29 29
53wineroom28 28
54hazlewood28 28
55sexion826 26
56kerouacgirl26 26
57pugofwar25 25
58sexywitch25 25
59sparklymegz25 25
60delicarose25 25
61twoswimy24 24
62psycat9024 24
63smiles_sweetly23 23
64kinkerbelle22 22
65brokenhead8122 22
66ange42021 21
67hxcpunkchick21 21
68doranosaurus21 21
69infinitum20 20
70sinceregenesis20 20
71mrslk19 19
72pricciar19 19
73dxgrrrl19 19
74refused_19 19
75spen_lit19 19
76de_wynken18 18
77aussieintn18 18
78wendy_sue18 18
79nycteris16 16
80outmused16 16
81army_of_frogs15 15
82sunburnt_brain15 15
83betawriter14 14
84c_rob14 14
85con_grazia14 14
86hillarygayle14 14
87cheeseburger14 14
88saraide13 13
89videoleslie13 13
90psychomom197413 13
91cryslea13 13
92fairymelusine13 13
93jungle200112 12
94sequential_coma12 12
95jeananne12 12
96rottzilla06911 11
97rejectcarp11 11
98grassfire11 11
99ladiebug2u11 11
100annamaryse10 10

Total Commenters: 320 (220 not shown)
Total Comments: 10272

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I win! What's my prize?

how the heck did I get in the top ten... and GIC right behind me. Yeah, I thought maybe top 100.... but gee top 10. WOW

and I haven't commented to you in like forever. until. now.

It's probably because you get into gab-fests with Welf in my journal. ;-)

Fifty! Oh dear did I just say that? Well, not bad for how many comments you get :P

And your journal is a neat one to read. Different than the daily blogger!

Eh, I don't really get that many comments when you consider I only write a couple of entries a week. I actually was mildly shocked though to see you at 50 being that you're one of my relatively new friends. I even made mention of it to Welf when I was looking at the list and writing this entry.

Yes, we're both big dorks sitting side-by-side on the couch reading LJ.

yay! i made the top 100 by making insightful comments just like this one! woot~!

Commenting with a B&B icon is all the insight necessary.

Is the three me? I bet it is.

Numbah twelve, mothafuckkas

Yeah it's you, journal hopper.

Heh, 30, not too shabby, I would have guessed myself to be much lower.

And with this comment you jumped to 29. :)

There are two husband/wife couples in the top 100.

Woo hoo!! :-)

It's funny. After you left this comment, I got to thinking about the married couples. I have three married couples in my list. I'm not sure who I was forgetting though, since I've MET all three couples... I just somehow convinced myself there were only two.

41? Wow... didn't think I'd even make the top 100!

Thanks for all the fun entries that I haven't commented on, too. :)

Eh, it doesn't take much to been in my top 100. I get lots of new friends who comment for a while then taper-off, probably due to the fact that I'm not a good reciprocal commenting friend... time constraints and all. Wouldn't it be nice if we had all the time we wanted for LiveJournal AND work and family, etc.

I find it amusing that, to be in your top 10, one has to have at least 115 comments. And on my comment stats, one has to have at least 100 comments to be in my top 100, period. :^)

True, but you also have seven times more entries than I do to comment upon.

I find this more useful as a measure:

You: 63,202 comments on 7,593 entries = 8.32 comments per entry
Me: 10,305 comments on 1,029 entries = 10.01 comments per entry

Of course, neither of us wins:

4,963 comments on 140 entries = 35.45 comments per entry

Wow, am I really lacking a life so badly that I've risen to number 4 in, what?, two years?

It's probably less an indicator of you lacking a life than it is of me having an elite handful of awesome friends.

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