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...and the road becomes my bride
The radio's playing some forgotten song
Brenda Lee's "Coming On Strong"

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Bin wonderin'... no other way to ask this except to be blunt: about your friend that had the head-on car wreck after visiting you.. I still feel concern and think about that... never saw an update... how did things work out? My thoughts were definitely with you all.

He spent a few days in ICU, then a week in the hospital then like, another week in a rehabilitation center. He's now home and has actually written a fairly lengthy account of the ordeal, what he can recall of it anyway.

Sorry, I'm not good about updating things. He is much closer to Welf and she's been posting updates right and left as she found them out, since they have so many common friends. It just didn't occur to me that someone here might also want to be updated that wasn't already a mutual friend of mine and Welf's. That's awesome that you were keeping him in your thoughts like that. I'm sure he appreciates it. :)

Thanks for the link, I left him a comment. I couldn't help but think about it, glad he's on the mend. =)

...I am stripped of all but pride...

One more radar lover gone

You fucked me up man. It took me 45 seconds to get it. I kept chanting the lines in my head.

i've been drivin' all night my hands wet on the wheel

Mixing a Golden Earring lyric with a Metallica lyric probably constitutes some sort of rock and roll heresy. I'm glad someone got the GE lyrics, though. :)

but she keeps me satisfied?


..call me what you will.

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