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same thing we do every night, Pinky

've been busy.

Last Saturday I picked-up a new student in Allentown. His name is Clayton and he has been working in the trucking industry for a number of years, but he hasn't done over-the-road for the past several. So my company is putting him through the training program to knock a little of the rust off and to learn some of the company specific things concerning the Qualcomm. He only has to complete 140 hours, so he'll only be with me for about another week and a half.

Since he's already an experienced driver, we've been rolling non-stop. Since leaving home last Thursday, I've clocked nearly 7,000 miles. Sometime this week I'll see if I can get a photo of him.

The film Jarhead, starring Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenlhlhalhlhnnyllnhl Donnie Darko, is a film about the United States' liberation of Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, from American Beauty director Sam Mendes. The movie lasts twice as long as the actual combat operations and is only half as interesting.

I'm wondering if any of you Central Kentucky locals like playing the game Risk? Y'know the old Hasbro board game? I have the PC CD-ROM of it that has LAN capability for game play and some wonderful BIG maps (140+ countries), as well as support for Capital Risk, Mission Risk, and an interesting variant called Ultimate Risk. I was thinking, that if there was enough interest, of cobbling together a LAN party and if it's a hit, doing it a few times a year. The ROM was made long before the days of security schemes and is easily copied so everyone could play and it runs really well on a laptop. Additionally, I have two extra machines in the house that people could use if they couldn't bring their own box/laptop, in addition to my own laptop, Welf's laptop, and a third laptop of questionable reliability that could be used in a pinch.

I was thinking it might make for a fun, if geeky, inauguration event for The Guy RoomTM. Since I've got a wireless router, non-smokers could play upstairs simultaneously with the smokers downstairs. It would be an all-day event, probably on a Saturday, so even if you live a few hours away it'd be worth the trip if you're interested. You could come play for a few hours or dig your trench and battle all day. There would be plenty of snacks, leading up to dinner which I'll cook for everyone. There's ample floor-space for crashing-on if it goes late into the night and/or heavy drinking ensues and The Drive Home becomes daunting. While the gaming will be the centerpiece, it'll be a chance to have fun, hangout, and be social. Up to 8 people can play simultaneously on the big maps, so there'll be plenty of time in between turns for goofing off and conversation. Foul-mouthed trash-talk will be expected... bitch.

Anyone game? Don't worry if you've never played or played little, and want to join in anyway. Since the game takes care of the tedious aspects of the classic board game (dice rolling, army calculation, etc), all that's left is moving your virtual pieces around and conquering the world!

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...try to take over the world.

i've recently been introduced to the dvd's of that show. i'm in love.

there's baloney in our slacks

I love the Animaniacs.

The one where Brain's scheme involves being a country music singer named Bubba Bo Bob Brain? Classic.

I'm in! That would kick ass.

Sweet! I bet Fubu'd like to see you again, too, since you basically sved her life. ;-)

The dice rolling is one of the funnest parts of any board game! Violently rolling and perhaps chipping teeth when things might not be going your way, gleefully rolling when things are!


Oh, I agree that dice rolling is fun, especially in Risk with the multiple dice and when you've got that sweet angle with the lucky spin you put on it. In a game as long as Risk can be, though, particularly with these big maps and armies escalating into the hundreds sometimes, it can become tedious when a big battle ensues and having that part automated is kinda nice.

Pick a date and I'll try, depends on work and school

Right now I'm just assessing interest. I'll probably get a consensus on what would be a good date for everyone.

Oh, my.

Count me in. Depending. On, you know, situations. And such.

I would be better suited to discuss the particulars in my LJ.

You have the worst trash-talk ever. Srsly.

When I get to the point of working out particulars, I'll probably do it via filtered entries so as not to clog the rest of my friends' f-lists with it.

My trash talk was actually a private joke to myself. There's this song called "Flashlight Charm" by a defunct Lexington band called Tim. At the beginning of the song is a piece of a recorded conversation between two dudes.

"Zoot? What the hell does zoot mean?"

"It's spontaneous, onomatopoeia... bitch."

The "bitch" is tacked-on kinda clumsily, like the speaker realized he just said what was probably one of the dorkiest things in the world and is trying to save-face at the end of it.

*re-reads above comment*


Risk is neat, but I wanna play monopoly! AND RULE 'DA WORLD!

I was never a huge Monopoly fan. I don't mind playing it every now and then for old time's sake, but I think it has a general lack of strategy. There's little "choice" in the game leaving too much to random luck for my tastes.

Oh man! *jealous* I haven't played Risk since college. We used to have marathon games of Risk and we'd all end up... falling asleep before the end of the game. Some of the best times I had in college were, dorkily enough, playing Risk. The Pancakes of Eternal Sleep, for example. Have fun!

Me, too sister. I seem to recall one night in college, we started playing Risk around 9pm. We ended-up blowing off all of our classes and playing until like 4pm the next afternoon.

Um, I guess I'm in, too, since it's also my house?

NO! I was planning on locking you in the garage until it was over.

There really is an Allentown? ....oh, great, that fucking song is stuck in my head now. Thanks a lot, man. It's Saturday morning, I've got a weekend of Billy Joel to look forward to.

I love Risk, and always have. If only.

but they've taken all the coal from the ground...

Allentown, Pennsylvania... it's right on the eastern border with New Jersey about an hour from NYC, hence his familiarity with it. It's also the eastern edge of what is commonly called The Rust Belt these days, (Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and West Virginia) old cities that flourished in the early days of the industrial era from steel mills and coal/iron mining but have since dwindled in population and stature. Hulking, empty factories of a by-gone era are scattered throughout the region. A more sobering and lesser known song in the same vein is Springsteen's Youngstown.

In. Lemme know when you're thinking.

I've got furniture market at the tail end of this month, though.

I figured you would be, by Counqer Club brother. Not sure yet, but it won't be until at least October. I'm guaging interest at the moment and will try to reach a consensus in later entries with everyone who wants to play, a date that works for everyone.

I've studied Mapquest and did you know it's only a 9 1/2 hour drive from here to Kentucky? Clearly I had no idea where Kentucky was before this moment. It doesn't seem to be anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico at all!

I've long thought you Americans had way too many States to keep track of. You're just a tiny little country. Canada can get by with only ten provinces and we're huge! Surely you could cut back to six or seven.

(I can't get 19 hours worth of time for driving with an intermission of Risk playing free at the moment, but it's an interesting thought.)

You're the boss! You're supposed to work when you wanna work right? Just think, you could drive down on Friday, spend the night with us Friday night, be around for the festivites on Saturday and spend Saturday night, then drive back Sunday. Three days. Father, father's girlfriend and the pseudo-employee could manage for three days, right?

I don unerstand though. Even if you could swing three days, that's a LOT of driving to basically spend one day somewhere. :) But you are more than welcome to come down if you want. It'll be like The Big Chill without the dead guy.

I can um. drink. That's the extent of it. heh.

I can teach you to play Risk, it's not that hard. I'm sure I'll be teaching Welf, too. I think she may've played as a kid, but it's not (typically) a game most girls get into. That seems to be the way with most strategy games, for some reason. I don't think it's because women are incapable of being strategic, I just think they choose to use their talents for strategy on different battelefields. :)

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<pinky [...] brain</i>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<Pinky and The Brain</i> was the shit.

There's better games than Risk (not that I've played it in YEARS).

I have that wooden-box version of it, too.

Um, that turned out sounding waaaaaaaaaaaaaay snottier than I meant it to. Risk is a fine game and I hope you enjoy your playing of said game. Yay games, that's my point. :)

Okay, but there were two scenes in Jarhead that were AMAZING.

1) The sand-vomiting.
2) The wandering horse.


I thought the sand-vomitting was a bit too gimmicky, but the horse scene was neat. It was just the right thing for what was already a very surreal setting, a reminder that it can always get weirder, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

For my money, though, most of Jarhead felt like a watered-down replay of the first act of Full Metal Jacket.

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